NewsThumbSo, you’ve decided to develop a school news or informational broadcast. What were you thinking? 

It probably seemed like a good idea when you thought about it, but now, as you face the prospect of taking it on-air before the entire student body and fellow staff members of your school, you may wonder what you were thinking! Producing a daily news broadcast can be a full-time job in itself.

Don't worry, as many of you already have experienced, SVN was created to guide you through all the basics you'll need to create a video production or broadcast journalism program at your school. No instruction though, can cover everything that will come up in a year of broadcasting. That's the joy of live television.

In addition to the usual content in School Video News, this month and next month we will give you many articles that you can use in your classrooms and studios to enhance the Broadcast News experience of your students at your school.

We begin this month with legal and ethical issues, an introduction to the structure of the newscast, writing lead-ins, and the work flow associated with the broadcast.

 *Ethical Considerations - Ted White and Frank Barnas
 *Stacking the News - Alex McBurney
 *The Package - Ted White and Frank Barnas
 *News Judgement and Reporting - Jeff Rowe
 *Writing Compelling Leads
 *Intuitive Work Flows for Newsrooms - Matt Peschau

Next month we will examine the actual production of the broadcast with live reporting tips, the logistics and strategies of producing, some of the technical aspects and several articles for anchors on delivering the news.

You never know what's going to happen, and anything that can happen will. How well and professionally your students deal with all the pressures and challenges that face them, will determine the sense of achievement they'll take out of this activity.

Remember too, that your television broadcast staff is an elite group that is entrusted with live programming and communicates with the entire school every day. It is a trust that once earned must not be violated. Creating quality programming can be the most fun you and they might ever have.

Our special thanks for these issues go out to Alex McBurney, Director, KIRO-TV in Seattle, Matt Peschau, EZNews, and Ted White and Frank Barnas, authors of Broadcast News published by Focal Press.