Welcome to part two of our focus on Sports Production. This month we move from the planning stage into the actual production of events.

The essence of the sports broadcast lies in live coverage. . . that the unscripted drama exists in sports itself, and live broadcast is the best way to show such drama

As we discussed last month in our introduction to this series, the more familiar the crew is with the event, the better they can cover it. Understanding the intricacies of the event allows the director and talent to clearly communicate what is happening on the field of play, allows the audio people to know how to set microphones for the event, and gives camera operators the ability to predict  how they should be moving their cameras.

This month we offer you articles on the actual production itself starting with the Types of Sports Action, Directing Style and Coverage Design. We then move into actual Directing and Assigning Cameras. We offer tips for both Audio and Camera Usage and movement. Finally, the talent's roll in bringing the event to life through good announcing.

As with all our articles in School Video News, you may print them, download them, copy them and use them in your classes. Feel free to TVSportsCoveruse them as class hand-outs.

This series would not have been possible without the support of Focal Press and Jim Owens' amazing book Television Sports Production. Mr. Owens has worked on the broadcast of nine Olympics and served as the broadcast training manager for International SPorts Broadcasting. He has worked on many local, regional and national broadcasts for networks inclucing ESPN, ABC Sports, Sports Channel and Turner Sports. To order Television Sports Production, please visit http://www.elsevierdirect.com/ISBN/9780240809168/Television-Sports-Production