SchoolToolsTv Announces Powerful Daily Video Content for Your School’s Morning News Cast

Dynamic, engaging 1 - 2 minute video clips that provide valuable educational content for your broadcast that help create a safer school climate and better results in the classroom.


In today’s test-oriented educational environment, schools are looking for creative ways to deliver quality curriculum to students through the use of technology.  The school wide news cast is a great vehicle for educating students about how to stay motivated, work with others, improve their physical well-being, think positively, make good choices and maintain positive relationships across a life span.  Rusty May, a school counselor and violence prevention specialist, started creating daily videos 8 years ago for his elementary school’s daily TV broadcast.  The spots were called the “Morning Minute” and focused on social skills, a positive school climate and student achievement. 

According to the National Association of School Psychologists.  "Being able to mediate conflict in everyday life is definitely part of social development for kids.”  "Improving social skills also improves school safety."  Focusing on social-skills training in school is important in most school districts, because positive behavior can be taught.

"Schools are increasingly recognizing the need to teach good social skills because they are critical to academic success as well as life success,” said Kathy Cowan, communications director for the NASP.

SchoolToolsTv(STTV) is helping to create environments that foster social emotional literacy by talking about the common sense, universal values that we all share.  STTV provides practical tools and solutions that address the ethical, academic and safety issues that are of growing concern in our schools and in our society.  Key topics include motivation, teamwork, health & wellness, gratitude and friendship. Bottom line, STTV creates a foundation of positive values for every student in the school. 

STTV is offering a free 30 day trial to give schools a chance to preview the program and get feedback. 

There are currently over 15,000 students watching STTV on a daily basis and the feedback so far is tremendous. Testimonials about the site and the effect it is having on students are located at  SchoolToolsTv was May’s Masters Thesis in 2003.  The program has evolved from a live daily broadcast at one school into a web based video presence with the capacity to reach any elementary schools at any time.  SchoolToolsTv has won two Promising Practices Award from the Character Education Partnership and teachers are currently using SchoolToolsTv in the US, Australia & Canada. 

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Rusty May, please call 415/682-8867 or email them at [email protected]