Market7 Makes Video Production In The Classroom Smarter

Successful video productions in school hinge on how well teams work together.

Needing to overcome differences in creative approach, personality and work ethic, strong collaboration can be further hindered by a lack of effective structures to organize and communicate about projects. The result? Video comes together in class, over IM, email, Facebook posts, text messages and other forums – and the end product suffers. But Market7’s, which improves communication, organization and collaboration around video production, could change this.

Market7’s media production collaboration software has gained steam in the business market and is used by the likes of Google. This elegant, web-based software is also a perfect fit for most classrooms, as students can log in anywhere, any time to take video projects from good to best while giving teachers a better way to track ongoing progress.

“We are always pushing forward with constant examination of all the hurdles preventing groups from collaborating effectively on video projects,” says Seth Kenvin, CEO of Market7. “Today, our software is used in a variety of environments, like motion picture studios, ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies and more. This traction is a direct result of providing better ways for teams to come together and make great video.”

In a classroom setting, represents a robust and comprehensive tool for the start to finish management of video production, with features that include:

-          Production Brief planning to determine strategy and tactics of a project from the outset;

-          Collaborative Script that allows web-based development of content to be shot, including integration of storyboard and other visual elements;

-          Project management tools for Tasks, Events, Files, and Team assuring coordination throughout production; and

-          Annotative Player for collaborative review, communication and approval of content. also makes it easy for teachers to better track group projects. At any time, an instructor can log into a project to determine task assignments, whether deadlines are being met and offer comments/feedback along the way. 

From a usability perspective, is intuitive, incorporating navigation that students will find familiar based on their use of web software like Facebook or YouTube. Pricing is based on storage utilized and a free version of the product is available, though it has limited capacity. Full-functionality versions are priced as follows:

Line Producer - $99.95/month – 2 GB/storage
Producer Pro - $199.95/month – 6 GB/storage
Executive Producer - $299.95/month – 15 GB/storage

The company gladly discounts for educational use and can be contacted directly at 415-981-8000 or [email protected] with inquiries.

“We are thrilled for use of by students so they can develop great practices of collaborating anytime, anywhere on ambitious production projects,” says Kenvin. “When the traditional team project challenges are eliminated, students can focus on what’s most important – creating great video.”