CoverThere are many significant new features that will make it easier for you to find the topics and articles that are of most benefit to you. Included are:

A re-designed FRONT PAGE with a reader-configurable list of newest articles/topics. You can collapse or expand the number of titles, and move the section up or down by grabbing the “’MOVE” button at the right side of the mini-menu bar;

A very complete SEARCH function (use it to find anything in SVN);

A re-designed MENU BAR which will make it easier for you to find the topics that are of most interest;

A PRINT and EMAIL button on each article making it easier to share them with associates and other teachers (Reprints in PDF format are also available by request);

Each article now has a USER RATING so we can see how we are doing;

A POLL on the front page. Please take a few seconds to participate;

Beginning February 1st we will introduce a FORUM for you to exchange thoughts and ideas with other readers and our authors and affiliates;

Expanded support for all popular browsers.

We hope that these cosmetic enhancements, along with our growing list of industry-expert authors, will continue to make School Video News your first resource for K-12 TV/Video Production and Broadcast Journalism.

Happy New Year to all!