As educators, we all know how important it is to keep our communities involved with our students’ success.

Whether that’s being present at school events or simply staying informed on activities and curriculums, the more that families engage, the better our schools become. We want to give them that opportunity to stay involved and show how advanced our schools are. The question is, how?


The people at Teradek are aiming to help schools solve this through live streaming. Many schools in the country have added live streaming into their activities, including sports, assemblies, graduations, morning announcements, and any event where families and administrators can tune in.

Teradek Education

Teradek Education helps you get your live streaming up and running by taking you through the steps. Do you have a camera? Where are you trying to stream? What kind of space and budget are you working with? Even if you’re looking to expand the scope of your current setup, Teradek has solutions that can help.

And with their new education program, Teradek is letting schools borrow their latest live streaming device, VidiU Go, out for a 2-week spin with no strings attached!

What is VidiU Go?


VidiU Go is a live streaming device that takes a video feed and sends it to online platforms of your choice. You can connect this to any camera or switcher, give it an internet connection, and start streaming instantly. But what makes VidiU Go unique are its features, most prominently its 2x USB ports for 4G LTE modems, Ethernet and WiFi capabilities.

All of its internet sources can be combined into a single, robust pipeline that makes it possible to live stream from just about anywhere as long as you can get a 4G LTE signal. Why is this important? Because oftentimes school events take you outside of your school (away games, band recitals, conferences, etc.) and if you don’t have internet where you’re going, you can’t stream. VidiU Go solves that problem with network bonding, ensuring your streams are always high-quality wherever you go.

Try It Out For Free

With Teradek’s new focus on education, you can try out their VidiU Go for 2 weeks with no strings attached. They’ll provide you with everything you need to get started, including the unit itself, 2x 4G LTE SIM cards, all of the accessories and cables, and a Core account that lets you stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Want to know more? Check out their Education Page and give them a call.