Established in 2006, the Stony Brook University School of Journalism (SBUJ) offers one of the most comprehensive, hands-on journalism programs in the country.

Stony Brook is the only undergraduate school of journalism in the state of New York’s public higher education system. SBUJ’s vision is to advance the public interest in a dramatically-changing world by educating journalists, public communicators and news consumers to value and transmit information that adheres to the highest standards of clarity, accuracy and reliability.

The ChallengePad01

SBUJ students wanted to broadcast the November 6th, 2018 local and na- tional midterm elections. This involved capturing live interviews from remote locations, sending the feeds back to the newsroom, and broadcasting live on a local news channel all in an efficient and cost effective manner. The goal of the University was to provide their students with a real world newsroom experience.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Stoney Brook turned to Padcaster. The students deployed mul- tiple Padcaster Studios to capture the excitement and energy of election night throughout the community. Padcaster enabled the students to:

• Report live from multiple locations
• Stream interviews back to the studio
• Broadcast the news to a local television channel
• Interview political experts and professors
• Run a comprehensive student led live broadcast program
• Change locations on the fly given the portability and ease of product setup

Pad02The Results

With Padcaster Studios, Stony Brook University Journalism students were quickly and easily able to produce two hours of seamless election night coverage. Stony Brook students continue to use Padcaster for regular news coverage, special reports and breaking news.

“. while main stations like News 12 had satellite trucks andPad03
all this equipment we were able to broadcast live back to the studio with just a backpack filled with equipment that took five minutes to assemble and even less time to put away.”
Karina Gerry, Stoney Brook Student

“I liked that the Padcaster was easy to assemble and disassemble because I hate having to lug around a lot of equipment. It’s heavy, gets in the way and I feel like I always forget something, but the padcaster had everything in a neatly organized backpack that wasn’t too heavy.”
Bria Ellis, Stoney Brook Student

More About Padcaster

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