Quick…name the people you sit next to in one of your core classes.

I’ll bet more than half of you can’t do it.

I’m always shocked when I walk into a class about to start and hear nothing…absolutely nothing. Why? Everyone is texting on their cellphones. Quiet is nice, but it’s also the sound of opportunities being missed.shutterstock 191728364

Think about it. You’ve got an entire room full of people interested in the same things you are. And you need to meet them.

School is a great place to make friends that can turn into something more down the line. Take Facebook. It was created by five friends who met in college. In fact, they created it while they were still in college!

You’ll never know what skills or ideas the person sitting beside you has unless you get to know them. And what better time to do it than when you are waiting for a class to begin. You might find out they have the skills that compliment yours. Or you might be just the person they’ve been looking for to complete a project they’re working on.

The partnership might only last through college, but it’s still bound to be beneficial to you. It might only help you get a good grade on something or help you practice your skills  .  .  .  but it could turn into a lot more. More than a few partnerships have outlasted school and turned into professional teams that have gone on to make a lot of money.

The entertainment field is a huge one but for some strange reason, it seems we keep running into the same people over and over. How awesome would it be if you started a new job and ran into an old friend from college? It sure would make getting comfortable at the new gig a lot easier. Or better yet, what if the person hiring was someone you knew in school and worked with on some projects? You certainly would have a leg up on the competition.

We live in a very ‘connected’ world these days, but discounting meeting people face-to-face is a mistake. So next time you’re waiting for a class to start, put down your smartphone and say hello to the person sitting next to you. You might be surprised at what you two have in common!

Coming up next month…why you want to enter awards competitions. It’s about much more than winning a cool trophy.

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TrujilloHeadshot 225Tammy Trujillo is both an entertainer and an educator. She began in the entertainment field as a child and since graduating from Cal State Fullerton, has continuously worked in the Los Angeles market as a News Anchor, Reporter, Sportscaster and Commercial Voice-Over Artist. Combining her real-world experience with a hands-on approach to learning, Tammy has also taught broadcasting for the past 25 years at many of Southern California's most prestigious private schools and colleges. She is currently the lead Professor of Broadcasting at Mt. San Antonio College. Throughout her career, she has received numerous honors for her work both on the air and behind-the-scenes, including several Golden Mike Awards from the Radio Television News Association. Tammy is a member of SAG-AFTRA, a former Board member of the Associated Press Television Radio Association, a Hall of Fame member at Long Beach City College and a member of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. She has authored two books, Intern Insider - Getting the Most Out of Your Internship in the Entertainment Field and Writing and Reporting News You Can Use.

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