BigFoot Mobile Systems that is!

Being a new program to Vanden High School, Asgard Studios is still going through its growing phase learning what works and what does not. When we first looked into a studio the idea of being mobileVanden High Bigfoot at game2 was a huge thing being that space is limited at our location. At first we tried only having the sound in a box and the video portion separate, but that became too cumbersome for bringing the system out plugging all the wires in, teaching how to use the system and then expect the students tear it down in 53 minutes. BigFoot Mobile Vanden High Bigfoot at game5Systems has provided the studio not only with ability to be more mobile, but has streamlined our process tremendously.

Now I can roll the studio into the class or space that I want the students to film and all we need to do to be up and running is plug-in. This in turn allows for more hands-on teaching rather than focusing on setup and tear down. At Vanden we are focused on preparing students for the real-world. Using BigFoot Mobile Systems allows us to show students how professional production companies use different systems to become mobile and streamlined. The back of the cart opens to allow me to teach students how to troubleshoot issues and provide students with a hands-on approach to learning.

Doug and Amber are an amazing duo. From the first phone call to delivery, the Solis’ are consummateVanden High Bigfoot at game10 professionals. I was not certain what I needed or if BigFoot Mobile Systems was a good fit, but Doug was there to explain what BigFoot Mobile Systems can do and how it would help. Even with the graphics on the box, Amber facilitated communications between both us and the graphics shop in a timely manner. At our first game with the cart Doug and Amber were on-site to meet the students and provide assistance where they could. I think the product that BigFoot Mobile Systems offers is a perfect fit for schools. In an industry where space is a commodity, BigFoot Mobile Systems provides a viable and cost-effective solution.

For more information on BigFoot Mobile Systems, visit their site at

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