Im excited to announce the latest issue of SVN Student Filmmaking and introduce you to Adam Gorny, creator of Je Suis Humain.

I might also add that Adam is a recent graduate of El Dorado High School, CA., from which I graduated a few years ago. Warms my heart to see they are still producing excellent filmmakers.


In addition to Adam’s article on his film, we have included over 10 articles to help you improve your filmmaking skills. Check out the new products section too for books, software, and new products that will help you on your next production.

I especially suggest that you check out the Seven Arts of Working in Film. Although written for anyone getting into the film business, it talks about principals that can help any student in many facets of life, including TV Production. We suggest that it be distributed to all students during the first week of class and have included it in this issue of School Video News to insure that it is not overlooked.

The companion article What Everyone Does on a Film Set is quite informative and somewhat entertaining. Your students should love it!

Doorway02For students who are considering cinematography, there are three good articles: 7 Bad Shooting Habits, The Doorway Shot and the Most Common Framing Mistakes

We also invite you to get in touch with us about any students that are creating film in your programs. One of our goals in SVN FILM is to7Bad showcase the work of talented filmmakers as a way of inspiring others. The articles featured in “The Making of . . . “ series are to help others anticipate and overcome obstacles that all of us have had at one time or another during writing, planning, or production. Drop us a note at [email protected]

The Making of Je Suis Humain
3 Hacks for Shooting Without a Focus Puller | 7 Bad Shooting Habits | The Doorway Shot | Screenwriting Tip: Action Before Dialog | Micro "Crewery" | The Seven Arts of Working in Film | Pre-Production Check List | What Everyone Does on a Film Set | Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots | The Most Common Framing Mistakes | Book Review: Shooting Better Movies

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