Four exciting specials to keep you sharp this summer.

A New Series - FIBER OPTICS 101

We have been getting lots of questions on the use of fiber optic cables in video production. Sports Editor Tom White has spent a year or so trying to figure out the voodoo that is an ultralightFiber Optic Graphic cable that carries uncompressed video signal up to 20 miles with embedded audio and the ability to integrate talkback with camera operators, and send program feeds back to the terminal ends. Then came the new terminology: tactical, LC, ST, Single-mode, multimode and more. Over the next several months, he plans to help you figure out how fiber can fit into your program and increase your production value while decreasing your work load. Working with our partners from Blackmagic Design and Tactical Fiber Systems to demystify fiber and bring it to the front of your mind as you prepare your students for their future.


02 SVN Buyer Guid3 425With today’s technology becoming more available at the consumer and prosumer level, it is possible to offer students new digital technology without huge investments.

In order to interest and encourage this generation of students in a field which is highly technical, a school system must make every effort to make modern technology available. However, the terms “modern technology” and “school budgets” rarely can be used in the same sentence. The SVN Partner Product Guide is published annually after all the new products are released at NAB to help you research products and companies that are known to be School-Friendly. In addition to company and product profiles, we have packed it with articles to help you select the right gear. Whether you do the news, focus on sports, offer a filmmaking class, there is all the info you need to make educated purchases.

If you are just starting out, we have included several lists to make your first-time buying even easier.


StudioPicCover 1200This Special Issue of School Video News, coming later this month, is designed to guide you through all the basics you'll need to create an introductory video program or participate as a vital staff member and on-air personality at your school. No instruction though, can cover everything that will come up in a year of broadcasting. That's the joy of live television.

You never know what's going to happen, and anything that can happen will. How well and professionally you deal with all the pressures and challenges that face you, will determine the sense of achievement you'll take out of this activity
We have organized this guide into several sections for you: Production, which covers the technical issue of producing a newscast; Broadcast Journalism, ethics and writing the news; Interviewing techniques and guidelines; and On-Air performance tips. We have even included a few Case Studies, which describe how different schools have gotten started or produced different events. Throughout, you will also notice special notes and tips highlighted in the margins.


SportsPromo 800Today, young sports fans learn the letters E.S.P.N. shortly after learning their ABCs. The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports is largely indicative of the wild, symbiotic growth of sports and media in the past 35 years. With it have come other all-sports networks at both the national and regional levels, as well as channels owned by leagues and teams at both the professional and collegiate levels. Add to that over-the air television and radio stations that continue to serve hungry sports fans with coverage of live events and sports news. Most if not all of these entities have enhanced and expanded their coverage utilizing the World Wide Web, mobile services, and social media. And have we mentioned the unlimited opportunities for individuals to set up their own video broadcasts, podcasts, blogs and social media postings, thus proclaiming themselves "sportscasters"?

We believe that our annual issue on Sports Broadcasting is one of the tools to help you prepare your students to capture those opportunities. Performance aspects are broken down by individual discipline such as anchoring, reporting, play-by-play, and so forth. The same is true with the production side of the business such as producing, directing, camera, audio, etc. Performance and production are both included because they have become increasingly integrated. Performers are frequently called upon to exhibit abilities in the production area, not only in television but also when contributing to digital content as well. The same can be said for being able to write for a particular entity's website. Media are, after all, converging, so broadcasters need to know how to write while writers are being asked to broadcast.

The 4th edition of SVN Sports Broadcasting allows the reader to wade at least ankle-deep into just about every aspect of the business, knowing that he or she may be called upon to dip into that knowledge base in many different situations. Thus, readers are encouraged to take in the entire issue, whether your heart is set on becoming the next great sports host, director, or sports programming executive.


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