School Video News has been given permission by Goodheart-Willcox publishers of Phil Harris’ Television Production & Broadcast Journalism to announce the release of the new, 2018 edition.

This is the third edition of Phil’s widely accepted textbook.

As most schools use this text in their classrooms, over the next few months SVN will be highlighting key components of the new text, including tools available to teachers, students and administrators. We will have interviews with both Phil Harris and Gil Garcia, excerpts from the text as well as previous articles from both Phil and Gil that have appeared in issues of SVN. We will also present reviews from teachers who have reviewed the components of the program during the pre-release period.GW01 Cover 425
So let’s get started! The key components of the system are comprised of:

The primary textbook with many enhancements over the 2012 issue such as safety notes, better, cleaner illustrations, chapter objectives, professional terms used in the industry, production notes, application activities and review questions;

A Student Workbook;

Instructor’s Resource (similar to a teacher’s edition but a huge collection of electronic files (handouts, worksheets, Classroom Management system, copies of all the articles Phil has written on classroom management topic, Answer keys, Objectives, etc. - Essentially everything he ever used to teach the course and also all the same type of items Gil has used in his teaching career. This is pure gold to a teacher!;

Computerized test generator that has over 1000 questions: T-F, Multiple choice, short answer, matching, fill in the blank, definition, etc.;

PowerPoint presentations for every chapter;

On-line e-versions of the textbook with single or multi-year licenses;

On-line site for all kinds of materials related to the textbook materials for students and teachers to access to further knowledge and learning;

And much much more.

A free review copy of the book may be ordered at this time and the book will begin shipping January 1, 2017. Visit the Goodheart-Willcox website

Next month we will take a closer look at the textbook and its many student-focused learning tools to help them get the most out of their studies.

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