The new school season has started, and the summer break seems like a dim and distant memory.

The lazy-hazy days have given way to it getting dark earlier and the increasing chill in the air as we slip deeper into the fall. Even though this year’s summer sunshine is long gone, the fall season still affords many new and exciting opportunities in the world of video and video streaming.

As you’re probably aware, when I write these articles, they’re always written one month in advance, and even though it’s only the 2nd week of September at the time of writing, my colleagues are busy planning around 120+ live streaming events which will be powered by, and broadcast through Eduvision this season.

This made me stop and think about how cool it is that the Eduvision team will be doing all of this with only a small team of 3 core people, and the rest of the crew will be made up of enthusiastic students who arefootball keen to get involved in the world of streaming.

I’m throwing a similar challenge out to you, to follow their lead and stream your way through the fall season with lots of exciting video projects. If you’re new to streaming, then remember that to begin with you don’t have to tackle anything too challenging. However, I promise you that as soon as you’ve streamed your first couple of events, then there’ll be no stopping you!

Soccer, volleyball and football are always great things to stream, and they’re also going to be extremely popular with your viewers. They’re also going to be easy enough for you to start off too.

You can also let your imagination lead the way; and why not stream some live Halloween celebration events? They’re always going to be a fun thing to do, and you can even let your team of students stream their own ‘take’ on how to have fun safely during the ‘trick or treat’ season!

Thanksgiving is also only just around the corner, so why not plan now to stream live video messages from your school to people who are forced to be away from home and family during that period? Why not broadcast supporting messages to members of the armed forces who are scattered all around the world protecting us, and remind them that they’re appreciated, supported and valued.

The list of ideas could go on, and on, but it all begins with you and your very first video streaming session. Give it a try, and you’ll see just how easy it is, and also how the messages, events, and programs that you stream can make a huge and positive difference to the lives of the people you touch as viewers.

The nice people at Eduvision are there to help you, and to make it all really easy for you. If you’re not especially technically-minded, then don’t worry, because they’ll help there as well. They also offer free online training, webinars, and support too. Click here to see just how easy it is for you to get started, and have some real fun this season in the process!

Brianandcamera500x375Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade with BBC TV news, he’s a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, and film maker. He has worked extensively on both sides of camera, and even worked as a stunt performer for several years.

In addition, Brian also uses the skills he learned while he was with BBC TV News, to coach leadership and celebrities how to stay safe if they’re faced with a crisis, and a subsequent media attack.

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