Last month I began the first part of a two-part interview with Bill Whicker, the Technology Coordinator at Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Bill very kindly consented to answer many of the common questions asked by people who begin streaming for the first time.

Bill is also able to highlight, far better than I can, the multiple tangible benefits of video streaming and broadcasting through Eduvision to help your students, your school and even your localBrian01 300 community.

So, once again it’s over to Bill for the Q&A.
Q: What sort of video can students create with tablets/iPads?
A: “Simple, informal videos.”
Q: What accessories do you recommend and why?
A: “We don't have any accessories for tablets/iPads.”
Q: Why do you think that tablets/iPads are a good starting point for students to learn the art of video production?
A: “Cost and portability."
Q: How has video streaming connected students and communities together, despite massive physical distances?
A: “See above, and we have a substantial portion of our community that views our events from the Philippines, Europe and the Lower 48.”
Q: Tell me, how has Eduvision made a difference in managing your video content?
• “Outstanding support
• It allowed us an easy way to manipulate our productions without outside advertising.
• It has allowed us to setup a PPV system that is easy for a school to manage.”
Q: What would you say to somebody who was considering doing their first session of live video streaming?
• “Allow a lot of pre-planning time
• Be ready for the unexpected because it most likely will always happen
• Don't sweat it if it fails the first time.
• Don't setup expectations of your audience that you are not sure you can fulfill.”
I’ll end by adding a repeated, yet extremely important question and answer, about the unacceptably high-price of ‘free’ video distribution.
Q: What tips would you give them?
A: “Gather as much information as possible.
There is no "free puppy". If it says it’s free, there is always a catch.”

Once again, I’d like to thank Bill for taking the time out of his busy schedule to very kindly answer these questions.

To emphasize what Bill ends with, there really is no ‘free puppy’ as he puts it. Supposedly free video portals such as YouTube may seem harmless enough on face value, however, there’s ALWAYS a catch.

Furthermore, the sting in the tail is usually very serious. You never usually see it coming, and it’s one which will usually ‘bite an educator hard’ once the mistakes have been made.

Don’t risk the safety of your students, and your career reputation, just for the sake of getting something supposedly for free!

Brianandcamera500x375Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade with BBC TV news, he’s a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, and film maker. He has worked extensively on both sides of camera, and even worked as a stunt performer for several years.

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