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You’re the leader of a school with a spectacular event happening very soon, one which everyone in the school has been working towards for months. Everyone is really excited, and the whole school has worked incredibly hard to make this a very special event, one which will be remembered for years to come.

However, during the event itself, as you stand at the rear of the auditorium, you can’t help but think how only the relatively few people who could manage to get there in Brian01 400person could enjoy the event and fruits of everyone’s labor.

Besides, even if more people had been able to get there, they’d probably have been turned away because you’ve got seating limitations.

Then you remember what someone had told you about video streaming, and you suddenly deeply wish that you’d taken the trouble to have your special event streamed.

What was stopping you? Nothing! Streaming video is EASY! If you’ve never streamed a live event before, no problem. Next month’s article will show you just how easy it is step by step.

The part that most people miss completely are the enormous benefits of video streaming, and how it can help you to reach out to audiences globally.

Any physical event has practical, physical and geographical restrictions which govern it. Video streaming is your answer to unlocking these restraints no matter where it is.

Streaming events and live content makes it accessible to a global audience which means that no one is excluded just because they can’t get there in time, or because there’s limited seating etc.

More importantly, even grandparents and relatives who are old or infirm can get to see their grandchildren’s special events without ever needing to leave their own home! If nothing else, that’s an excellent reason in itself for you to stream ALL school events from now on…

Benefits of Video Streaming

· It’s a great way to enable community and home room announcements and student-led news
· No limit to how many viewers can watch an event
· Custom in-district or in-school live broadcasts
· Post-event viewing option

• You can embed your live event directly on your website or share it as a link in documents, emails, social networking sites etc.
· Viewing options include: live, private, pay per view, time-restricted viewing, or open access

Convenience is a huge benefit of video streaming events, award ceremonies, and games. Just because modern life and work restrictions create time-crunches for many of us, thanks to video streaming you can choose to either watch the event live, or at a more convenient time later.

In addition, thanks to mobile technology, you can also choose how you’d prefer to watch the event or game. The days of being tied to a TV or a home-based computer are long gone, so make the most of it!

It’s not all about entertainment and sports, video streaming also enhances and increases the learning experience for students. It’s often forgotten that not all students can get to school easily, and some may not just have geographical restrictions, they may also have physical restrictions too. Video streaming regular classes can solve these problems instantly.

So without doubt, the benefits and possibilities which video streaming offers even the smallest school are far-reaching and impressive.

Cost-Effective Live Streaming Solution – no Infrastructure Upgrades Required

Now that I’ve established the clear benefits of streaming video, and we already know that it’s not difficult to do, this is where the right choice of software and video platform becomes crucial.

Not all schools’ video portals are created equal. Far from it, and in earlier articles I’ve highlighted just some of the potential dangers to students created as a result of using public video platforms such as YouTube.

Eduvision offers schools a clear advantage in student protection, and it also offers a unique advantage in video streaming.

Thanks to those clever people at Eduvision, video streaming using their software and technology means that you never have bandwidth issues.

Bandwidth issues are one of the I.T. department’s biggest concerns, especially where video streaming is concerned. Eduvision solves this problem, before it ever becomes a problem. This is thanks to its simulated multi-cast technology. The Eduvision technology avoids the expensive issues related to bandwidth upgrades which are often required to support live-stream broadcasting.

More importantly, the Eduvision solution requires no I.T. department intervention, and no matter how many people view the live-stream, there’s never a noticeable increase of bandwidth which is required. So, now all members of a schools I.T. team have ‘punched the air’ after reading this, there’s never been a better time to enjoy a free trial of this outstanding software solution.

Eduvision is my software of choice for video broadcast and management, for both myself, and for my company. Here are some of the other reasons why I think it’s so good.

• It has a flexible Live Scheduler. In other words, it enables you to list and schedule events so your viewers know what’s up next and when they should tune in. This means that if you host, handle or are in any way involved with seminars, conferences or presentations, and your guest speaker/s start early? No problem…. Events can be started early. Alternatively, if your guest speakers are late? No problem again… Events can also be stopped and “re-started” to place them in the schedule with a new start time.
• It has the ability to schedule Recurring Live Events – Therefore, if you have a morning news show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can easily schedule these with this very handy option.
• You can add Attachments – This really is a huge benefit, especially if you give seminars/webinars like I do. With Eduvision you can attach downloadable pdfs, docs, or other files to your live event so that viewers can download them when they tune in.
• You can enable Password Protection – This clever little feature means that you can assign a password to the live event to allow only those with the password to gain access to your secure live event.
• You have the option to activate User Registration – You can enable registration via a customizable registration form that users will complete before viewing, and later you can download a report to see exactly who tuned in

Not only will you be making the wise choice in choosing to use a safe video platform which will protect your students’ on-line privacy, but you can also begin live streaming events without increasing any demands on your bandwidth!

Now, it’s really possible to have your own school global TV broadcast solution. A solution which will enable your students to reach out to other students in schools anywhere in the world, and all thanks to Eduvision and its live stream video capability.

When I was first introduced to Eduvision they suggested that I activate a trial version, which I did. The great thing was that I didn’t even need to enter credit card details, it just allowed me to begin a trial.

I’d strongly suggest that you do the same and begin a trial. You’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The trial will allow you to play around with what I consider to be the best video management portal available, you’ll absolutely love having your own global internet broadcast studio, and you’ll also see for yourself the value that live streaming brings to your school or district.

Brianandcamera500x375Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade with BBC TV news, he’s a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, and film maker. He has worked extensively on both sides of camera, and even worked as a stunt performer for several years.

In addition, Brian also uses the skills he learned while he was with BBC TV News, to coach leadership and celebrities how to stay safe if they’re faced with a crisis, and a subsequent media attack.

He encourages input and comment from readers. You can reach Brian Sterling-Vete at [email protected]

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