Here is a simple picture of my class at Alpharetta High School.

While I still use a traditional whiteboard, I always use my 60 inch HD monitor to engage my students visually. For audio, I use Tannoy near field monitors connected to an AV systemClassroom01 by Panasonic. My TV monitor is hard-wired into my MacBook so I have no lag time on video productions.

All of our student work and my personal work is hosted online at Vimeo. This online storage lets me immediately access my students' work which is created on Final Cut Pro X and shared directly to their vimeo accounts. Each student has my website, dropbox, vimeo, ever note, google docs and other productive apps loaded onto their phones. There is no exchange of paper. All notes and papers are created on google docs and submitted online through my website,

Classroom02This digital approach to my class has helped me streamline productions, helped me stay engaged in my students' work, go 100% paperless, and has provided an avenue of productivity for their smartphones. The smartphone is an integral part of my class as students are able to record notes, shoot video, produce music, download apps, watch assigned videos and connect with me at THEIR convenience.

So, back to my classroom. On either side of my lecture area are edit bays each outfitted with an up-to-date iMac with Final Cut Pro X. In each edit bay we have professional voice-over microphones so that students can produce professional results. No studio would be complete without a professional video/recording studio to produce professional looking and sounding videos.Classroom03

My role as an instructor is to provide real world scenarios of video productions. The student must assess the client's needs before they shoot video. My 20 years of the video production business helps students realize that they can make money doing something they love to do. I am also a purchasing agent, striving for the latest technology and keeping an eye on budget constraints, just as I did in my own business.

While I am doing my instruction, I realize the importance of comfort. I recently researched and purchased soft back chairs with built tablet holders so students can take notes on their devices while still maintaining comfort. To me, a comfortable student is an engaged student. A student who is provided the tools necessary to succeed increases their odds at succeeding. I firmly believe that my students have the tools they need to succeed...and they do. Please check out my students' work on

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