Teradek’s new Live:Air (pronounced Live to Air) is a live production switcher in an iPad.

Now there’s a lot of components and possibilities with Live:Air, but in essence, it’s really designed to add high value production you would see from hardware video switchers.. starting for the price of, well: FREE!Live01

In its bare bones, you can stream straight from your iPad to the web using it’s interface.

By using its front or rear camera, you can capture your image and add lower thirds, graphics and titles editor. If you want to get fancy, you can even use additional iOS devices like iPhones, other iPads and iPod touches to add multiple angles which you can feed into the app.

So there’s a lot of functionality with the app right “out of the box.” You can really mimic live broadcast workflows by using actual cameras in the mix.

Live02To do so, Live:Air accepts feeds that are transmitted by Teradek's encoder products including VidiU Mini, VidiU, Clip and Cube. This is excellent for organizations that already have some of our products.

Again, at the simplest form, you can stream one camera wirelessly into the app using one of our devices (VidiU Mini has been the most popular). While still being able to add titles, graphics, lower thirds, transitions and other media.

The iPad can take up to four camera sources at a time, but you can have as many available as you like. And of course, you can even mix in your iOS devices as angles as well.

That’s just a little bit on what the app can do, but really the possibilities are endless based on the workflow individuals demand.Live03

Since this is a very software-heavy application, we do recommend using the latest iPad Air 2 since hardware is at its best. And it can only get better as Apple improves hardware. The free app has most features mentioned, but upgrading to the paid $99 version gets you unlimited stream times and some additionally functionality. Again, it all depends on the user.

Teradek really hope this app provides a rich feature-set that really introduces the world of live streaming and broadcast to all levels of experience.

It’s really great to see users of all ages using Live:Air to start dabbling in live streaming. . . . . and at the same time, you have a lot of pro broadcasters using Live:Air as an alternative and much more affordable workflow than traditional hardware.

Live04Also, the images throughout this article were taken during a recital of The Dance Asylum using Live:Air for a multi-camera live stream. They used VidiU Mini’s, VidiU and Cube to transmit to the iPad, which is housed in The Padcaster. Live05They also used Cobra Crane jib and dolly for economically boosting the production value of the camera movement.

Here is some additional information to about Live:Air. But really, just download it for free off the app store! You’ll need an iPad.

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