Register for the February 27th Media Teacher Symposium sponsored by DAFT at the Motion Picture Institute in Troy, Michigan

One of the toughest things about being a video productions teacher is the loneliness. In Michigan, there’s a program about every five districts. Media production teachers can’t just drop down to the lounge to get some ideas. Granted, Google has made the loneliness somewhat more bearable, but it’s not like chatting over the copier to solve a stickier problem.

On Friday, February 27th, 2015, Digital Arts Film and Television, in an effort to bring these isolated creative minds together, will holds its second Media Teacher Symposium—a full day media teachers, vendors and professionals to meet, share lessons, equipment and identify trends in their various worlds.


Last year was a great success with keynote speaker Eli Zaret, famous Detroit broadcaster, sharing his experiences from radio, to television, back to radio and to books. Panel discussions on managing media productions on various budgets were followed by breakout session for news production, editing platforms, multi-camera shoots and the foggy world of Career Tech Education funding.

The theme of 2015 will be Media on a Shoestring with tips from industry professionals and grant-writers on how to not only get by with very little, but how to make it look pretty great too!
You can register now for the 9am-3pm event, that also includes five possible State Continuing Education Credit Hours (SCECHs) for teachers.

DAFT members pay $50, non-members $75. More information at Become a DAFT member at this link--$50 annually, $150 for schools.

Sessions A & B (Pick 2)
o Conducting Interviews/School News Production
o Media Literacy
o Career Tech Education
o Grading Student Media
o Grant-Writing
Lunchtime Panel Discussion
o Quality Traits of Filmmakers
o Identifying skill-sets in your students
Sessions C & D (Pick 2)
o Sound Production
o Lighting
o Editing Platforms & Subscriptions
o Cameras—DSLRs, Lenses and Traditional Video Cameras
o Animation
Session E (Pick 1)
o Lesson-Exchange
o Brainstorming for DAFT’s May Student Skills Expo at MPI
o DAFT Calendar Planning for 2015-16
o Michigan Student Film Festival Q&A
o DAFT's Summer Focal Point (Preview)