Our school, Central Educational Center is located 35 miles south of Atlanta, which is rapidly becoming a Hollywood of the south.

The Walking Dead is filmed a few miles away… Pinewood Studios is located about 12 miles away along with Raleigh Studios… and more than 6 films were shot nearby the20140822 150755-325 school in the past year, including parts of The Hunger Games. And the Atlanta metro area is adding three major movie production complexes in the coming year.

We are looking for input on setting up a film production club within the school system that would be open to students from the three high schools within the county. We are a college and career academy, a charter school within our county school system that gets it student body from three high schools throughout the day… we’re the vocational high school for the county. We’re always trying to attract more kids to our school to help them in their career choices. Students have the choice to take classes at their base school and to come to our school for vocational classes. We currently have a film and television production pathway of three courses, but we’re always looking to grow it. We’re hoping an additional Film Production Club will further attract students and to provide more work experience opportunities.

FilmClubGeneric-325The idea behind this club is to provide an opportunity to further train and to provide work experience for those students who want to enter the film production industry. I’m not talking about just producers, directors, writers, cameramen like everyone wants to do. But also the dolly grips, key grips, gaffers, best boys, set artists, set construction, assistant directors, and the all important production assistant… that one job that everyone starts at. Through relationships with local production houses and rental agencies, club members will get experience in working with film production hardware on real projects… and work with professionals from within the industry.

Of course we will not leave out aspects that attract students such as screenwriting, storyboard, location scouting, acting, directing editing, scoring music and so on. Over the course of the school year, one goal of the club may be to produce a short film worthy of film competitions.

Any advice, guidance, and experience you have gained and would be willing to share would be appreciated.

Contact us with your club information or a profile at [email protected]