Gil Garcia and Phil Harris are working on the third edition of Television Production and Broadcast Journalism.

They would like to include a gallery of the of news sets from all over the country. The gallery from the second edition is on page 370 and 371 of the current edition. Please considerTVProd-Textbook-275 sending Phil a photo of your news set so it can be included in the new edition of the book. He’d like to get pictures of at least 20 more sets so please join in!

"We’re looking for a shot which shows your set and one or two anchors," says Harris. "It should be the view your audience at home sees of the set. In other words, do not include cameras or other gear. If the shot is large we understand that you may end up with some lighting instruments but these pictures are in the set design chapter of the book so that should be the emphasis."

If you use a virtual set, please send 2 pics: One of the plain blue or green set with anchors and the same shot with the key engaged so it’s two shots of the same set showing a before/after kind of thing.

You can send the pics electronically to Phil at [email protected] Please include the name of your school, city and state in the text of the email. "Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you photo release forms for the student anchors and their parents to sign," Says Phil.