New articles, new images and Case Studies in the 2017 editions of these two top-read annual guides.

Without the Broadcast Students of today, there will be no professionals tomorrow.


Today, young sports fans learn the letters E.S.P.N. shortly after learning their ABCs. The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports is largely indicative of the wild, symbiotic growth of sports and media in the past 35 years. With it have come other all-sports networks at both the national and regional levels, as well as channels owned by leagues and teams at both the professional and collegiate levels. Add to that over-theair television and radio stations that continue to serve hungry sports fans with coverage of live events and sports news. Most if not all of these entities have enhanced and expanded their coverage utilizing the World Wide Web, mobile services, and social media. And have we mentioned the unlimited opportunities for individuals to set up their own video broadcasts, podcasts, blogs and social media postings, thus proclaiming themselves "sportscasters"?

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Loaded with articles, case studies and special features you won't want to miss.

Read all of Tom White's series: The High School Sports Machine.

SVN Sports Broadcasting allows the reader to wade at least ankle-deep into just about every aspect of the business, knowing that he or she may be called upon to dip into that knowledge base in many different situations. Thus, readers are encouraged to take in the entire issue, whether your heart is set on becoming the next great sports host, director, or sports programming executive.


Three years ago, we started a special annual publication called The Morning News.  Since that release, over 11,000 readers have visitied the site looking for information on how to set up a morning news program in their schools. This year, we introduce many new articles, and bring you several new authors that appear both here and in the monthly issues of School Video News.  There are also Case Studies showcasing techniques, equipment, and success stories. 

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Loaded with articles, case studies and special features you wont want to miss.

Watch Inside the Show, a documentary on the Ocean City weekly news magazine show including a real-time, multi-screen presentation of the show in The Morning News and special section on producing the weather, Weather Sells!

Although The Morning News is not intended to be the definitive guide or a complete textbook on TV Production we hope it will be an excellent resource get you thinking about the opportunities. For a textbook, we recommend Phil Harris' textbook, Television Production and Broadcast Journalism, available from Goodheart-Willcox publishing.

Creating quality programming can be the most fun you might ever have.

Also, dont overlook the section of student-produced content including magazine and hard news formats, examples of remotes and stand-up interviews, sports features and other content. These examples make excellent teaching videos from which your students can learn from others.

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