Accepting Reality

Without doing a personality test on all of the teachers in the world and by diving headlong into a generalization, I make the following statement with all of the confidence in the world:

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Three Hours Recharges Your Program

I have heard of teachers who have had a lot of success with three-day or five-day boot camps, workshops, etc. with their incoming staffs preparing for the new year through ice breaker games, skill building and work exercises.

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Student-Led Broadcasts

It has often been said that the best way is to “let the children lead the way,” and this is most definitely the case when it comes to allowing students the opportunity to showcase their talents as budding TV production teams.

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Young Graduate Captures the Shot

A day after graduating from the University of Bristol (UK) with a degree in Zoology, the 22 year old was more than happy to travel the world with National Geographic photography veteran Steve Winter for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Video Streaming School Successes

In last month’s article I looked at how easy it is to do video streaming, and several readers have asked me about what kind of things I’d recommend they try streaming first, and why.

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What We Do Matters

I may be wrong but I believe our job as video production teachers reaches much farther than those in academic subjects because what we teach is unique and very specific.

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