sony00Teachers across the nation are impacting student learning in new and exciting ways through the integration of video production in the classroom.

No matter what the subject is video can make a difference.  From art to science to physical education to TV production, real-world educators are
using video to increase visual literacy, critical thinking and problem solving.

We are looking for educators to share how they are using digital video production in their classroom to enhance the learning process and prepare students for the future.  We may decide to contact you for permission to feature your story, lesson plan, or video on our website, e-book or in an upcoming newsletter.sony02

Here is what we are looking for:

Lesson Plans for integrating video into everyday curriculum:  We are looking for you to share how you are incorporating digital video into any core subject area.  Send us examples your best lesson plans for incorporating video into: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Health, Physical Education, Art, Music etc.

Examples of videos: We would love to see examples of how you and your students’ have integrated video in to any cores subject area.  If your videos are online – send us a link to review!

sony01Television Production:  Share your tips on how schools can set up a television production class like yours.   Tell us about your best curriculum; send us links to your stories, or morning news.

Making Movies? If you have aspiring movie makers we want to know.  Share with us the movies, documentaries and animations your students have created.

Sports Broadcasting: If your students are capturing and reporting a sporting events tells us how you do it and send us links to your best work.

How to submit:

Send an email to [email protected] with your name, school, and contact information along with your story, lesson plans, links and anything else you would like to share!