Ah, February! The month of romance, roses and chocolate!

But did the course of true love ever run smoothly? This round of creative lesson plans invites you to explore what happens when Cupid’s arrows go a bit wonky.Hearts


Back when they were teenagers, Myrtle Figley and Carl Bledsoe participated in a community time capsule and wrote down their fondest wishes for the future. Sixty years later, that time capsule is about to be dug up and the contents read aloud. Myrtle isn’t so keen on the idea. Her own dream was to grow up and be an Olympics figure skater. Her husband, Carl, had dreams, too. He was going to take a foreign language course so he could marry an Italian super model.

Your assignment: Myrtle and Carl decide it would be best to fess up to each other privately before their letters are read in public. Write a three-page scene on how this goes.


Parting is always such sweet sorrow, even if the object of one’s affections is only going to the grocery store.

Your assignment: Are these two really whispering sweet nothings to each other or is one of them imparting a detailed list for the supermarket? Let’s find out in a two-page comedic scene.


The whole point of the grand ball at the palace was for Princess Agnes to find herself a husband. Her crush, it turns out, was on a young man who was only there to deliver pizzas. He ran off before she could get his name. She did, however, remember his footwear.

Your assignment: Since it’s not feasible for Princess Agnes to run all over the kingdom looking for someone who wears this type of tennis shoe, she decides to pen a classified in the hopes that the guy of her dreams will read it and come forth. Since she discerned from their brief encounter on the dance floor that he was a poet, she writes her ad in rhyming verse. What does it say?


The painter and his beautiful young wife have embarked on a blissful honeymoon. He decides it might be fun to sketch out what their future home will look like. Only as he starts to draw, however, does he realize that he and his sweetie have radically different ideas on color schemes.

Your assignment: Write a three-page scene in which the two lovebirds gently bicker on what sort of paint to purchase for each room of their love nest.

VJ 250

What was going through the heads of this young couple—a pair of strangers—who spontaneously kissed in Times Square in the summer of 1945? Although they never even got each other’s names, each one went home with a romanticized story to tell their respective parents.

Your assignment: Write a three-page scene in which the young sailor describes this indelible moment to his parents. Then, write a three-page scene in which the young nurse tells her mum and dad that she may have finally met Mr. Right.

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Former actress/director Christina Hamlett is an award winning author, professional script consultant, and ghostwriter. Her credits to date include 42 books, 175 plays for young actors, and 5 optioned feature films.


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