Summer is sadly coming to an end. Sleeping- in will be limited to the weekends; if you’re lucky.


No matter how much you may have prepared over the summer for the next school year, the first couple of weeks are exhausting. Somehow, everything you thought would happen, doesn’t. Or changes you never expected arise and you find yourself shuffling to adjust. All your efforts over the summer suddenly seem wasted.


This is the wrong way to look at the new year, unless you are trying to kill yourself with stress.  Attitude is everything. You are in control of your life, your destiny and your happiness.  If you have a positive attitude to start with, you’ll be able to handle all the craziness that might come your way will style and grace! Let’s try this again.


Summer was a well deserved and enjoyable break. Hopefully, you took time for yourself and your family. You may even have gotten some work done to prepare for the year. You are well rested and ready for a fresh new attempt at  teaching what you love! So, let’s get focused and take a moment to remember what is so important about your subject and your students. But, let’s keep it simple with these important points and tips.

#1 - This is an ELECTIVE - it should be fun for you and for the students.
#2 - In the first week, get to know the students and why they are taking your class.
#3 - Remember matter the equipment or software - the process to produce a video is the same. Teach the process so they can successfully duplicate the steps in any situation.
#4 - You are helping to open creativity in the minds of students through the use of video production and  technology. These days, this skill is beneficial to everyone!
#5 - Don’t rush...Take time to teach “quality and pride” in ones work.
#6 - Recognize students for their talents - everyone wants recognition.

Finally, think about your last year and what you want to change this year. How can you be better at teaching, classroom management, and equipment management? Develop procedures you can be consistent with and your life will be easier.

Now, put on a smile, think about how lucky you are to spend everyday making magic and go have the best year ever!


Misty_CUMisty Gentle started with long format television programs for Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida. She worked her way up from a Production Assistant to Producer. Along the way, she worked in a variety of positions from pre-production through post. After that, she worked on shows for the Fox Health Network, Animal Planet, ABC, Disney, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel and More. Misty has been a writer / director / producer for on-air promotions and corporate productions as well as 2nd assistant stage manager, Script Supervisor, Segment Producer, Associate Producer, and Post Production Producer. In the summer of 2008, she was Associate Producer for Nickelodeon's "My Family's Got GUTS". These positions have given her a broad understanding of production from show concept and development through post and delivery.

She began teaching in 2004 with a full television production program at the middle school level. After 5 years, Ms. Gentle moved up to high school where she currently teaches digital video production to 9th through 12th graders.

Ms. Gentle holds a BA degree in Communications - Television and Radio Production and is certified as 'Technical Vocational Education - Television Production'.