NewsThumbWelcome to part two of our focus on News Broadcasting. This month we move from the planning stage into the actual production of the school news broadcast.

As Don Hewitt, Producer of 60 Minutes once said, "Find people who can tell their story better than you can.  Your job is to bring it out of them."
(Ed. Note:  Watch "The Extraordinary Life and Succesful Career of Don Hewitt" by clicking here)

Our Focus on News Broadcasting began with introductory articles on Ethical Considerations, News Judgement and Rporting, Intuitive Workflows for Newsrooms, the Package and Writing Compelling leads providing an overview of some of the challenges facing news reporters today. This final part of our Focus examines how to assemble the day's stories into a comprehensive newscast. Articles deal with actual production starting with the Evolution of News Packaging, Technical Aspects of Producing, and Logistics and Strategies of Producing. For those who would like to deliver the news as reporters or anchors, articles on Delivering the News and Shooting an Effective Interview provide on-air talent with professional advice on how to communicate with the audience effectively. As with all our articles in School Video News, you may print them, download them, copy them and use them in your classes. Feel free to use them as class hand-outs.

BroadcastNewsSMThis series would not have been possible without the support of Focal Press' comprehensive book, Broadcast News:  Writing, Reporting, and Producing by Ted White and Frank Barnas, Jeff Rowe's text Broadcast News Writing for Professionals, and our contributing authors, Alex McBurney, Matt Peschau, and Melissa Prax.