Chone01Looking for an accredited distribution outlet for your students’ work?

Budding student journalists interested in producing their own news stories will gain invaluable guidance, experience, and confidence thanks to “You Tell It” (

The website provides a forum for young people to share their video productions, and the best journalistic submissions are selected to air as part of the Channel One News television broadcast, which is viewed daily by nearly six million teens across the country.

Channel One News launched “You Tell It” at the start of the 2008-2009 school year as an exciting online social media network just for students.  Teens shoot, edit and upload their news stories to to share their work with peers and potentially see it air in a Channel One News program.  The site also provides a dynamic resource for teachers in search of a new way to enhance their students’ experience with digital media, and a recent partnership with School Video News will provide even more helpful content, expert tips and technical demonstrations.

At, members create a profile and begin posting video content covering a variety of topics – from local events in their school or community to national and global news.  Through this feature-rich, interactive environment, teen “citizen journalists” obtain assignments, get advice, produce quality work and share constructive feedback with professionals and peers. 

For the teen who wants to report on a story but doesn’t know where to start, “You Tell It” points reporters in the right direction.  Head to the “Assignment Desk” to find inspiration on numerous topics, along with background information on each subject and different angles from which to approach the story. 

A select group of talented teen journalists comprise the official “You Tell It” Student Reporters, who submit monthly assignments and see their stories featured regularly on Channel One News.  If you’re interested in nominating any of your students to participate in this program, please contact us at [email protected].

“You Tell It” fosters community and peer-to-peer interaction around standards-based journalistic content and puts teens in the spotlight, enabling them to produce and, more importantly, share their video news productions with others.  This unique opportunity for aspiring young journalists gives them the chance gain valuable experience and reach an audience, while building a solid body of work.

Channel One News, the leading television news network for teens, is broadcast digitally via satellite each school day to nearly 6 million teens in approximately 8,000 middle and high schools nationwide.  The award-winning 12-minute broadcast is produced in partnership with CBS News in New York City and is committed to informing, educating and inspiring young people by connecting them to current events, making issues relevant to their perspective and providing a forum for their voices.  For more information, visit