Choreographing or pre-planning your newscast is done at every TV station and should be done properly at your school.

Thorough pre-planning allows you to easily follow an organized template- based plan for your show and allows you and your students to spend more time shooting better footage, writing a better news script and editing better quality news video for your news stories.  The end result is a better quality newscast production.

Before you begin any content creation, select the news/weather & sports stories you plan to cover in your newscast, assign specific story formats for each story (Reader, VO, VOSOT, PKG etc…), assign individual students or student teams to cover the story, plan an estimated run time from each news story so that it will fit properly into a fixed total runtime for your newscast. Most local and national newscast are 30 minutes, but your school newscast will likely be shorter (i.e. 3, 5, 7 or 10 minutes)

Within each story, enter appropriate production cues for your anchors (Name, shot, camera #, Read VO, Adlib etc…), enter production cues for our director (Take/Roll Open, Take VO, Take SOT, Take PKG etc..) and enter other appropriate instructions for other members of your technical production team such as your graphics/titling solution (2 Line Name Super, Line 1 – “John Smith”, Line 2 – “Reporter”).

Once all news stories are written, edited and submitted, they will need to be approved for your newscast by the show producer, the final running order of your stories needs to be established within our rundown, appropriate scripts need to be printed for your anchors and appropriate rundowns and instructions lists need to be printed for appropriate members of your technical production team.

The final step is loading the scripted content into your teleprompter software. (The teleprompter software built into EZNews software automatically does this for you and interface directly with any teleprompter hardware).

For more information about choreographing (pre-planning) your student newscast and how EZNews can best help you plan and produce your newscast , visit or contact EZNews Toll Free at 888-326-1415.