VideoIGCoverBy Jim Stinson, 2008 Goodheart-Willcox Publishing is a comprehensive textbook designed as a complete introductory course in video — the 21st century hybrid of television and film techniques that is the future of all media production. The word "Digital" has been added to the title of this book for this edition, reflecting the fact that video production is now entirely digital, from the camcorder at one end to the DVD at the other. The computer has also taken over film-based production so completely that, outside of certain technicalities of lighting and cinematography, a person trained in video can work in film with equal confidence.


1. About Video
2. Getting Started
3. Video Space
4. Video Time
5. Video Composition
6. Video Language
7. Video Sound
8. Video Communication
9. Program Development
10. Production Planning
11. Camera Systems
12. Camera Operation
13. Lighting Tools
14. Lighting Design
15. Lighting Applications
16. Recording Audio
17. Directing for Content
18. Directing for Form
19. Editing Operations
20. Editing Principles
21. Digital Editing
22. Mastering Digital Software
23. Authoring DVDs
24. Analog Editing