How do you distinguish a land mine from dirt?

What tactics are best when bribing a sudanese warlord? When do you put the story ahead of morale?

There are many types of careers in journalism. News flash! There is a whole world outside of the news room. Any aspiring producer, reporter, cameraman, or TV buff shouldBreakingNEwsCover 250 read 'Breaking News.' The memoir written by NBC News Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher is not only eye opening, but an inspiring look into what really goes through the minds of international reporters.

As a war correspondent, Fletcher has seen it all. First let me remind you this is not a cute and fluffy read. (The world is not all cute and fluffy.) A career in the news can sometimes lead to terribly tragic momments.

The book touches on the morality of a war correspondent. Fletcher describes dining with terrorists and entertaining their evil ideologies, just to get the best story on air. During his time at a refugee camp one of his assignments was to show a person dying. If this seems like an easy task, think again. Of course following someone around is the easy part, the hardes is the emotions. Watching someone die fromm starvation as their family watches, and you have plenty of food and water for yourself, isn't exactly easy to hanndle.

Fletcher reflects on the realiity of war reporters, and how it's not as easy as it may seem. *Spoiler alert* One of his first experiences out on the field, Fletcher and his news crew come in contact with land mines. Fortunately Fletcher is unscathed, but the same can't be said of his news team. A harsh consequence of when reality sets in too late. (This book isn't for those with a weak stomach, but neither is news.)

Fletcher puts you right in the passenger seat as he covers South Africa's aparteid, the Rwanda Genocide, starvation in the middle east, and much more. 'Breaking News,' is an inspiring memoir packed with action, intensity, and history.

About Martin Fletcher

FletcherHeadShot 275Anderson Cooper called Martin Fletcher the gold standard of TV war correspondents, and he is rapidly building a new reputation as an author. He has won almost every award in TV journalism, including five Emmies, the du Pont, the TV Pulitzer, several Overseas Press Club awards and the Edward R. Murrow award for excellence several times.

He walked across the Hindu Kush mountains from Pakistan into Afghanistan with the Mujahideen, he was the only television reporter to join the Khmer rouge in Cambodia, the only reporter to enter the American embassy in Tehran when Iranian students held American diplomats hostage for 444 days.

He is now a Special Correspondent at NBC News, and devotes himself to writing books. His second book, "Walking Israel," won the National Jewish Book Award.



When Luck Ran Out

Salad Days

There is no God But God

The Home Front

Famine and the Warlord

The River of Death

"Kosovo, Oh, How I Love You"

Living with Terror

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