The news report has obvious applications in an English or journalism class.  News reports can be especially useful for announcements if your school has a closed-circuit cable network allowing broadcasts to be sent directly into homerooms.

However, a cable network is certainly not necessary to deliver news reports.  School assembly viewings are another delivery strategy and venue for showing news reports.  The possibilities for newscast range from creating a single newsreel to a sustained broadcast of daily announcements.  Your schedule and time allotted to this project will dictate the sophistication of the production(s).

An important aspect of this genre is public speaking.  Here students see the practical importance of proper posture, pronunciation, punctuation, articulation, sincerity, rhythm, pace, and vocal variety.  Public speaking skills will be covered in a future article.

Another important aspect of this genre is the use of “establishing shots” and “B-roll” footage.  An establishing shot is the opening scene of a story that contextualizes the newscast.  For instance, a shot of a soccer or field hockey game before a report about a proposed athletic field provides a visual cue about the topic.  The shot visually clues the viewer in to the topic of the news report.  B-roll video is the footage that supports the newscast; it is interspersed in the A-roll footage of an anchorperson or interviewer.  An example is the cutaway shot to students walking in the halls and checking their lockers while the voice of an anchorperson continues to report on education in America.  Establishing shots and B-roll footage will be explored further in another article.