Students as RockstarsProducing a music video has great potential for music classes.  Video offers the exciting mixture of visual and auditory stimulation, a combination that has profoundly changed the popular music today.

Our students have never known a time when their popular music has not been made into videos.  The average pre-teen or teenager is very familiar with, and is a great fan of, music videos.  Even pre-school children are inundated with music videos on such stations as the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, as well as in places like Chuck-e-Cheese.  Much has been made of children who have been robbed of the enjoyment that comes from creating their own mental interpretations of the music because they are exposed to video images for all of their favorite songs.  Here is an opportunity for them to create and share their own interpretation of a musical work on video.

Students will jump at the opportunity to create their own music video.  You can let them choose the song or assign them a piece you want them to interpret.  Be sure to acquaint them with the three basic approaches to music video production:  the performance video, in which the students dress up like the singers and create a concert-like performance; the pantomimed story, in which the students act out a story suggested by the music; and the montage of images, a surreal conglomeration of images suggested by the music.  Most videos contain all three elements.