This month in School Video News we are starting a series of articles entitled “Teaching The Control Room.” 

This should be pretty straightforward but as I started to think about how studio control rooms at the High School level can vary in layout and equipment my head started to spin!  There are as many different studios configurations as there are studios.


Even though my studio may be different from your studio, or “XYZ” High School’s studio, the jobs and their responsibilities in the studio control room are pretty much the same.  My goal with this series will be to break down the different positions in a typical studio shoot and try not to be equipment specific.  I will try to pass on some strategies that have worked for me and get some tips from professionals in the broadcast and production industries as well as fellow teachers.

Below is a list of the jobs I will cover in the upcoming series. 

• Producer
• Director
• Technical Director
• Audio Engineer
• Graphics Operator
• Teleprompter Operator
• Video/Camera Engineer
• VTR/Recording Engineer

In most education-based studios some of these jobs will overlap and the student will be asked to take multiple roles.  There are advantages and disadvantages of having a student multitask which I will break down as I break down the different positions. 

Next month I will start with the Producer and begin working our way down the list, in most cases, covering multiple jobs in each article.  My hope is that you will be able to pick up a few tips to pass on to your students so that they can create clean, broadcast-quality productions and hopefully become prepared for that “real” job in the industry.

If you would like me to address a specific concern, or have questions about a specific position please email me at the address below.  I will do my best to answer or consult the professionals and fellow Teachers.

Albert Dupont
[email protected]

Dupont-HeadshotAlbert Dupont has been the Advanced TV Broadcasting Facilitator (Teacher) at the Satellite Center in Luling, Louisiana since its opening in 2005.  The Satellite Center is a “satellite” facility of Hahnville and Destrehan High Schools.  The schools are a part of the St. Charles Parish Public School System located near New Orleans.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Dupont was a news and sports videographer for WVUE-TV in New Orleans for twelve years and news producer at WAFB in Baton Rouge and KATC in Lafayette for five years.  As a sports photographer, Mr. Dupont was a field videographer at the New Orleans Saints games from 1994 to 2009.  He also was a videographer at two Superbowls and numerous college national championship games in a variety of sports. He is an Avid Certified Instructor in Media Composer 6.