One day you’re nobody. The next you’re famous.  Without the internet, half of our “beloved celebrities” wouldn’t be in the spot light like they are now.

Recently, I’ve discovered a similar truth.

A few months ago I wrote a series of articles about creating a personal profile. I was basing the steps off of my own experience-since at the time I was filming and editing my own mini documentary. I hadn’t mentionedPrax02 anything to my boss about my film. In, fact it never crossed my mind.

It was at my graduation party when he discovered I had won multiple awards for it. Right away he wanted a hard copy to see, and also a web file to attach it to the shop’s blog. This is also mainly because I work at a bicycle shop and the film was about a mountain biker.

Back to my main point, it was also posted on the shop’s Facebook page. Soon I realized it was being watched by people I hadn’t met before. About a week later, my boss sent me a link to another Facebook page. It was for a mountain bike racing organization. They had seen the video on the shop’s Facebook page, and copied the link since one of the races they organized was included in the film. I was really starting to get excited. More recently, I finally found where I stored the mp4 file of my film, and “The Life of a Mountain Biker” has hit Youtube.

What I’m the most excited for, however, is the fact that the inside sales representative at one of the bicycle companies that we stock, is interested in seeing my video. The sky is the limit with this internet stuff. It’s like an internet campaign for my projects! Hope this gets you inspired to think outside the box, and into the web.

Melissa Prax is an active student and athlete. She found her love for film and writing in an Interactive Multimedia Class through her high school. She is currently attending The Ohio State University to major in Broadcast Journalism and is considering medical school after her undergraduate degree is completed.