My experience in Broadcast Video Production definitely wasn’t your typical one.

Despite being in the class for only one year as of now, I learned more than a lifetime of lessons and experiences already. I discovered my enthusiam for teaching other students about editing videos. It opened up so many doors that I otherwise could never have opened. And I stumbled upon passion for the field of Television News.

These days if you wanted to find me, you would find me in my room on the computer. I’m not on Facebook like most kids my age, but on Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects. Homework? I prefer editing videos, actually. My mom thinks its pretty weird that I’m late to dinner because “I need to finish masking these frames”. Its a weird hobby, I know.

I decided to take a class appropriately named Broadcast Video Production that they offered at my school. When I walked into a room full of iMacs and expensive cameras for the first time, I wasn’t expecting a lot. Actually, I wasn’t expecting much at all. I’ve been editing and producing videos as a hobby ever since middle school, so I knew I wasn’t going to discover much more when it came to post-production. And when I first looked at all the filming equipment, I kind of had a bad taste in my mouth. I was very arrogant, and I’m not a very patient person. And when I first met the teacher, I wasn’t very sure I was going to like him to be honest. Just the idea of some one telling me things I already knew put a scowl on my face.
But each time I walked through the door into Mr. Dinsmoor’s room, my smile grew bigger. Despite my haughtiness, I started learning more and more things about Video Production. And like an epiphany, one we stepped into the news studio, it felt like home.

If you don’t white balance a camera, the color is never 100% true. Cameras have an iris similar to that of the human eye. Some camera chips can capture a speeding bullet and run at 100's of frames a second, or faster. Different light sources will give off different colors of light so it is important to calibrate your camera to the particular lights in a scene. The higher your shutter speed, the less motion blur you get. Sunlight has a very blue color while indoor lights are somewhat yellow.

Did you think I could have possibly known that on my own?

Just by being in his class for one year I’ve learned enough video production trivia to supply me for a life time.
Every lesson he taught felt like a wealth of information, I have to admit. I was taught how to work a camera, compose a storyboard, and compress video. Those lessons I absolutely hated. But as for the other ones, each and every passing day made me feel more and more content with the idea. I often found myself thinking, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind this.”

All of my experiences in class made me feel attached to the idea of actually making what I was learning in class into a career of my own. I always was interested in editing the videos when I had the chance, and I’d always get so creative with the transitions and effects. I always was so proud once I got to view the finished product. How amazing would it be to be paid to do what I absolutely love the most?

A job as a Television News Video Editor popped into my mind in the middle of the school year. As I kept the thought in the back of my mind, I began to watch the news a whole lot more. I looked at the screen with a entirely different perspective than before. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually started to enjoy watching the news. I started to picture myself on the other side of the TV, making what the viewers were seeing possible. It didn’t seem so bad. It’s what I would consider the American dream itself.

Next year, there is no doubt that I’ll be my second year of BVP. Just one year of being in this class has driven me further than any other motivation I’ve had. The thought of a career in my favorite hobby is enough ambition to already work harder than I’ve ever worked before. An early start definitely wouldn’t hurt in the world of Television News, wouldn’t you agree? I absolutely can’t wait for class to start so I can jump start my career in the field of Broadcast Video Production.

Matison Lakstigala attends Heritage High School and Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia. She’s a junior is currently enrolled in the Broadcast Video/Production pathway and is completing the Agriculture pathway this year. When she graduates high school she wants to attend Mississippi State and major in Broadcast Meteorology. Her team recently competed in the SkillsUSA TV Broadcast News competition in Kansas City.