IshmaelTCEA 2009 was a great experience for anyone who went. The technology that was showcased was absolutely phenomenal. As a student who went I can honestly say that it couldn't have been better to be a witness to what was on display at this event. As I hope to continue my school career into. This occurrence not only allowed me to have a crash course in my wishful career, it made me incredibly enthusiastic about what the business of media has to offer and what I have to offer towards it.

When I first arrived I did not know what to expect, I had no idea what I was going to be doing or how I was going to do it. It was uncharted territory. Once I got there I met both John Churchman and Jim Morrison. They were very enjoyable to be around and helped me and my fellow students in understanding our assignment. We were to go on the exhibit floor of the TCEA Convention and gather interviews with participants and exhibitors on their opinion of the event. As an aspiring journalist this was very good news for me, being able to conduct actual interviews with the people attending and working at this year's conference. In our assignment we were also requested to log any extra footage we may shoot that could be used as background footage, or B-Footage, this type of video could be used when someone is in an interview and the editor wants to show actual recordings of what the person is talking about.

Our task wasn't that simple though, we would also be able to operate a real news set learning how to use a green screen, and working with the studio technology. Conducting interviews for me was a very unknown activity for me as I was very much new to walking up to people I'd never met and asking if they would be content with being part of an interview. Before Mr. Morrison and Churchman let us go accomplish our task, they introduced us to Katie Bridges, a UT student who was majoring in Broadcast Journalism and would be somewhat of a mentor to us on our duty. She would also go on to interview me on camera; she along with Mr. Churchman knew how to make it simplistic to be interviewed and how to be comfortable when you're the one being questioned.

Through the two days I was at TCEA I conducted interviews, as well as handled the equipment of the news studio of School Video News. Working behind the camera was just as enjoyable as working in front of it, seeing how to display logos and when to cue the interviewer and interviewee gave anyone the authentic feel of working in a news studio.

No matter if you wanted to look into the profession of reporting, this experience was valuable and enjoyable for anybody who would participate. Previously before this task I did not know anything about conducting interviews. Katie was a great guide to what I needed to say and how I needed to say it. This experience of playing the role a Journalist was a gratifying occasion as I was able to see briefly how it was to be in the field of Journalism. This event only increased my interest with the occupation and how it is run.  

Being able to report and film is great but the biggest value anyone can take away is being able to work collaboratively with the people around you. Using the technology was great but what made it even better was how you found yourself having conversations with your peers and mentors as if you were really working in news as a career. This opportunity was valuable because it opened many doors in the field. Perhaps someone did not feel that Journalism was on their wanted profession list. This gave everyone a chance to get a taste of how to work as a team in a professional setting.

Attending TCEA 2009 was an experience I will never forget. I originally did not believe I would have the time that I ended up having. It was a great opportunity to access the world of an actual reporter. This also gave me a chance to get a small preview of what I hope to be encountering and the challenges I anticipate to be faced with in my future.

Ismael Johnson is a Junior at Manor New Technology High School in Manor, TX. We hope he pursues his dreams of filmmaking and has a great career.