How Technology Changed My Life
It’s the 6th grade, and I had just started school at Amherst Middle School. 

School was going good and it was fun, but in the morning before school, you would have to sit in the cafeteria and wait for the first bell.  Yes, it was boring but what else could you do?


I went through most of 6th grade like that until a friend showed me the technology wing, which held Mr. Zdrojewski room and the Tech TV Room.  This is the studio where kids in grades 6-8th could create and put on the morning news announcements. I signed up automatically! I also had to decide which day of the week where I could come in at 8:00, pick a job and work in the show. Naturally, I put down every day!

You have to start at the bottom job, which is Attendance. Like it says, you take attendance of the people that are the newscasters (people that say the news) and of the crew workers behind the scene.  You have to do that 5 times then move on to the next job, the order of the jobs are: Attendance, Director, Microphones, Audio Mixer, Computer, and Producer. 

Short descriptions of the jobs are:

• Attendance: take attendance of the crew and newscasters,

• Director: direct the people in the studio and help the newscasters. 

• Microphones: to put the microphones on the newscaster and adjust when needed,

• Audio Mixer: to control the soundboard and the newscasters levels,

• Computer: to use the computer to write the text so the newscaster can read the news off the teleprompter.

• and finally Producer: You can only do this if you are a senior producer (you have done all the jobs 5 times). 

What you do as producer is to help everyone and flick the switch so the news goes to every television in the school and flick the red light (tells every one in and out of the studio that we are live and on air).


The rest of 6th grade mornings were enjoyable at Tech. That year I leaned how that if one thing goes wrong all the others fail. I made many friends and still have them today.  Many are already senior producers and I had come pretty close myself but was not quite there yet.  As the school year came to a close I said to myself, I will do this again next year.  The summer came and went and 7th grade started.

The first day of school, I went to Mr. Zdrojewski and he said how good it was to see me back. Then he told me that I had been working so hard that he decided to promote me to Senior Producer.  I was so happy and enthused I couldn’t wait for our first broadcast.  So now, I am in 7th grade still working at Tech having a blast with all of my friends.  That is how technology changed my life, did it change yours?  
Gabrielle is currently a seventh grader at Amherst Middle School, and is excited to continue her involvement with school TV production.  Over the past two years, her experience has placed her at the highest level of Senior Producer, which involves mentoring incoming student interns and performing both administrative and technical aspects of school TV production.