For the past 9 years, the Student Ambassador program at Frederick County Career and Technology Center (CTC) has been generating enthusiasm for technical education.

Student ambassadors from the program visit various elementary and middle schools, providing just a small sample of the many skills students can learn if they decide to join the CTC community. 

The main reason to visit schools is to spread awareness of the opportunities students will have in high school. Adam Frank, TV/Multimedia Media Instructor at the Frederick County Career and Appel 600 01Technology Center shares “Having students represent the program definitely has an influence on the young students on joining our TV program at CTC.” Students prepare presentations and displays to represent the program and then travel to schools to deliver the information. According to Student Ambassador Coordinator, Audra Jacob, “When the kids see students representing a program at CTC, it drives their interest because they idolize older students who are passionate about something” Student for the TV/Multimedia take pride in sharing their skills and expertise in the video production. Jacobs says, “When they see TV/Multimedia students participating they want to become more involved.” The younger students were very eager to share their enthusiasm. “What I’ve seen today looks really neat. I can’t wait until high school so I can try it out!” says elementary schooler Sarah Lee.

As student ambassadors, my partner and I were able to share one of our passions with younger kids who share similar interests. We also learned about what kids already knew about TV production and what interested them the most about our program. The kids also enjoyed getting their hands on a camera like they were the director of their own film. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will be the next Steven Spielberg of our time!

AppelHeadshot 200Emma Appel is a first year student at Frederick County Career and Technology Center and a sophomore at Catoctin High School. She has a passion to pursue broadcast journalism and communications. She currently plays field hockey for Catoctin High School. In her free time she enjoys watching movies and going shopping with friends.