In modern day journalism, the path to being a successful, and hardworking journalist with integrity isn’t a path that is easy to go down.

In the end, the results could be priceless and the grit and grind done earlier in your career can and will pay off in the future. My experiences as a young journalist have only begun, and I would like to spread the word of the lessons, wisdom and tips I have learned along the way. This is my path towards being a sports journalist.

As a child up through my teenage years into a young adult, my love for sports has always flourished and grown. My knowledge for a variety of sports may be more than others, but my willingness to learn has helped me in the process. As I Alex01 400grew older, I started to have a growing interest in wanting to talk and discuss sports news with people. As I wanted to develop my knowledge for sports, an opportunity came to me which allowed me to express my thoughts, opinions and values. When I started my eighth grade year in middle school, I was enrolled in a high school journalism class. When I first walked into the class, I had an idea of what to expect, but wasn’t sure of what I would truly get from the class. Weeks went by and I started to adopt a love for journalism and an understanding of what it really means to be a journalist. Towards the third quarter of the year, my Journalism One class had a week where we would learn about broadcast journalism. Throughout the week, I learned about what it takes to be an on-air talent, write a script and all the responsibilities of being a broadcaster. My first initial thoughts were that the class would be too much work and be too difficult. Although these thoughts had circulated in my head, two senior ladies that had been teaching the class all the material for the week had come up to me at the end of the period one day to tell me that I was very talented in broadcasting and that I should consider taking HVTV News and Broadcast Journalism next school year as a freshman. After they told me that I was talented in broadcasting, I considered joining the class. Fast forward four years later and I am now a senior that has been apart of the Broadcast Journalism program at Hoover High School for every single year of my high school life. It has been the best decision of my life, and through the decision, I have found what I want to do with my life. Entering my fourth year as a journalist, I have much to learn, but have also learned a lot along the way. I would like to spread all the knowledge that I have learned so far, so that other journalists, specifically sports journalists, can use for personal growth.

Through the next few issues, I will be giving tips to all aspiring journalists, sports journalists in specific, to help better themselves as they continue their journalism career. Topics include Scriptwriting, Interviewing and "spicy" questions, some on-air techniques and finally, the use of B-roll.  The path won’t be easy, but the rewards will be priceless.

Alex00 400Alex Porter is a Senior at Hoover High school and is entering his fourth year as part of the Broadcast Journalism program at HHS. He hopes to attend colleges such as Ohio University or Syracuse University as a broadcast journalism major for sports. When Alex isn't running around in the daily production of NCTV for Hoover, he plays basketball with friends and practices in hopes of possibly playing in college as well. His final destination of where he hopes to be in the next ten years is an anchor for ESPN or play-by-play/color commentator for NBA basketball games or any other professional or college sport.