The Ohio Educational Technology Conference other wise known as OETC is a three day conference held in Columbus.

Educators and administrators can go listen to sessions held by other educators, innovators, and students. Attendees can also go to the trade show center to look at all the exhibitors booths to better understand their product and how it can benefit their students in and out of the classroom.OETC03 375

One of the exhibits at OETC was the Mobile Storyteller bus From Hoover High School in North Canton. Four Broadcast students and six video production students from Hoover joined up with one broadcast student and five video Production students from Glenoak to create a promo for next years conference.

Long hours, a crucial task, limited time is what we had to work with. It was a challenge but not impossible. With these boundaries it helped prepare students for the real world. Graduation will be coming soon for most of the students that went to the conference. They will be going out into the work fo to find a job they love to do after studying and practicing their craft. Video Productions student and senior Nick Malloy explained how the conference helped remind him that what he was doing is what he wants to do for a living.

“Yes I whole heartily believe that OETC helped me prepare for my future. Before going on this trip, I was a little uncertain about my future in film and video production. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do once I got out of highschool. After this trip, I’m pretty clear on my plan once I graduate. I want to became an editor for film and my job at OETC showed me what it was like to edit under pressure and how I can power through spots to achieve my goals.”

OETC02 375The conference was not just a new experience for students but for teachers as well. Hoovers broadcast administrator Danielle Garfield attended the conference last year as just an english teacher. This year she had a whole new role. She watched over and helped the broadcast students put together the promo. Garfield explains the difference between her experience at this year and last year at OETC.

“I attended OETC last year as an attendee, but this year as the broadcast advisor. Last year, I felt that I learned about a lot of free tools that I could incorporate into my classroom to make it more interactive. I also got to hear inspiring stories from other teachers and administrators that helped motivate me to always try my best for my students. This year, it was very interesting to go down as an advisor of working kids. I got to see all of their talent and hard work pay off as they earned real world experience by acting as the media coverage/promotion for OETC.”

The conference was a learning experience. It was also extremely beneficial. It was a real world experience. For most of the students on this trip it opened their eyes to the real world and what it will be like in the near future. Senior and broadcast student Tyler Raff talks about how it was a crazy but fulfilling experience.OETC04 375

“OETC is very beneficial because in a sense, because anything can happen at anytime, while keeping professionalism you must Handle anything that is thrown at you.”

Garfield agrees that going to the conference and working their was a beneficial experience for her students.

“I do feel that OETC was a beneficial experience for my students. Last year, I was able to implement things I learned at OETC in the classroom, and this year I was able to give my students real world experience in fields that many of them may choose to make a career.”
When the work was done. Everything was completed. The promo and interviews were wrapped up. It was an amazing feeling for everyone involved. Being able to accomplish what they did in that amount of time is something to be proud of.

Malloy explained after finishing the editing process what it was like.

“Seeing the whole project come together was an amazing thing. Three editors coming together to work on one final product was a new and cool experience.”

That is how all the students would explain their time at the conference. A little hectic at sometimes, but a new and cool experience.

ChloeHeadShotChloe Snodgrass is a Junior at Hoover High School. She is involved with her school’s broadcast class and the school news, HVTV News. Besides academics, she takes part in agape girls, a mentoring program for girls in middle school, leadership club, a club where teenagers go out into the community to take part in service activities and is on the Hoover Lady Lacrosse Team. Chloe wants to continue to pursue a career in broadcast journalism in college and beyond.