My name is Garrison Irwin and I am the creator of a new web series called Out Of Focus.

Over the past couple of years I have entered some local and national level filming competitions that have prepared me for this web series. I really enjoy making short films, and inTitle-350 every short film that I have produced I try to relate it to experiences that have happened to me in real life.

Out Of Focus has 6 thrilling episodes that air on consecutive Saturdays. The first episode premiered July 4th on my YouTube channel {}.

Each episode ranges from 5 to 8 minutes in length. To make this project possible, my cast and I raised funds for our film through a website called “Indiegogo,” a fundraising company that helps raise money for a variety of new projects.

Cast-350About 8 months ago the thought of doing a web series occurred to me. At the time my only setback was deciding what the show would be about. I started writing ideas down right away but none of them really stuck. After a couple of weeks went by, I still had nothing I was excited about. During this time I was in my junior year of high school and was working a part time job at night. If high school life wasn't hectic enough, in February my school had a shooting. I still remember that tragic day getting a phone call from my sister in the school parking lot. She had been driving through and the police told her to stay put; she was stuck and had nowhere to go. The shooters were still on the loose. I remember feeling hopeless because even though we lived feet away from the school, all I could do was watch it all unfold on TV. It really changed the way I looked at life. Luckily the injuries of the victims were not life threatening.

Going through this experience and watching this happen to my school inspired my idea of the web series. After threeFocus04-350 months of writing the script it was finally time to find my cast and crew. In order to reach my deadlines I needed to quickly find cast members. Devin and Arielle were easy to cast because I knew them from my high school. The other two main actors, Ellie and Owen, go to different schools. I have worked with Ellie before on various filming projects together. Owen on the other hand, I had never met. A friend told me about Owen and his acting experience so I quickly contacted him through social media. Days later I held auditions and Owen ended up being one of the main characters.

Once I had the cast picked out, it was finally time to film. This was a guessing game because I was not really sure how long it would take to film each episode. After a couple days of filming I found that it takes two to three days to film one small episode. A day of filming for us was anywhere between five and ten hours. On several occasions we were so devoted on getting the right shots that we worked through until very late at night. Looking back on the countless hours of filming and editing it was all worth it.

Focus01-350It’s crazy to think that just four months ago not one of the cast members knew each other. All of us have become close and treasure the time we spent together on this series. During the first week of filming, I posted behind the scenes photos of the cast and crew on set on social media. People that I have never talked to before at school were asking me about the project. At that point I started to get excited, making it difficult to keep it a secret. I kept posting photos each week so people could follow the progress of the series. It amazed me how many fans we had before the first episode was premiered. Out of Focus will make your heart race and question everyone’s intentions. Watch it to find out who is behind it all!

“The cool thing about this series is that the audience will relate to at least one of the characters and interpret the film in a Focus03-350different way. Playing my character was an honor and bonding with the cast and crew, going to multiple sites, and creating memories was an unforgettable experience. Thankful for Garrison and all his hard work put into this film, also handling what life throws at him, is something that I’ll always look up to him for.”
-Devin Valenti

"It was so fun getting to work on an actual film project. Getting to know the cast was awesome because we were kind of like a little family. Definitely something I'd look forward to doing again!"
-Maria Olney

Out Of Focus has been a spontaneous and creative experience for all the cast and crew. Our director was open to any and all suggestions from any one part of the film. By doing that, our director had made Out Of Focus a living-breathing project.”
-Owen Raynor

“This web series is, on so many levels, one of the best films I've partaken in. The cast is amazing and the plot is really deep. I can't wait to work with Garrison again!”
-Ellie long