This summer I was given the opportunity to grow my communication and television production skills by interning at Frederick County Public School’s TV/Communications Department.

Throughout the internship I have had the chance to try a little bit of everything. I have grown my writing skills by writing several web blogs on the Frederick County PublicIMG 5950-350 Schools website, helping be apart in the Superintendent’s Book Club, editing video for various shows, shooting field footage at various locations in the county, and shooting and editing a show called “In a Minute”, which is held in the studio. Having this internship with the school system has broadened my perspective on what is happening in the school community by how hard students and staff work during the summer time to prepare for the next year. 

I would not have been prepared for this internship if I did not attend the Frederick Career and Technology Center (CTC) in Frederick County, Maryland. For the past two years, my teacher, Mr. Frank taught me Final Cut Pro X, camera skills, and many other aspects of the video world that has helped me prepare for my future. “My goal is to help the students gain a “real world” experience in the classroom so that they are prepared to enter the workforce or pursue post-secondary opportunities” says Adam Frank, TV/Multimedia Instructor, Frederick County Career and Technology Center. This internship has allowed me to take the skills learned in class and now apply them in a real work setting.

Although I have learned a lot from CTC, I am still strengthening and progressing my skills. The camera at the studio took a while for me to adapt too because it was different from what I had in the classroom. I had to learn to set up a multi-clip cam on Final Cut X. and now edit full shows in a timely manner. I also gained some helpful audio tips and lighting tips that I am excited to bring back and share with my class next year. “The internship experience is so important to the students, because It allows them to see the value of the education they are receiving and how it relates to the workforce”, say Frank. Interning with Frederick County Public Schools has helped me gain real world experience, strengthen my technical and professional skills, and become involved with the community.

As I prepare for my senior year in high school, I want continue improve my skills and maintain professional connections I have made. My internships has helped me become more organized and confident in my work and thus I feel more prepared as I am about to make the next step in my education. I plan on attending Frederick Community College in the fall as well as CTC to get a jumpstart on my college education.

11380894 371992579662443 42512815 nGabriella Punturiero is a senior at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center. She is starting her 3 year in TV/Multimedia Production and is focusing on directing and writing. Gabriella also is attending Frederick Community College to help expand her skill set. Gabriella is also an avid Lacrosse player and would like to continue playing in college along with following her passion for Video Production.