At the 3rd Annual Ohio Educational Technology Convention, a group of 10 video production and broadcast students from North Canton Hoover High School traveled to Columbus to experience just that.

The three day conference consisted of opportunities to view the newest technology for schools. It also provided workshops and meetings with inventors of all ages whose ideas could potentially shape the way the world looks at future endeavors. Daily broadcasts were produced solely by the North Canton HVTV 11 crew. This allowed other educators, administrators, and students from across the country to experience it virtually.

Video Productions Director, Mr. Tom Wilson, has been a teacher at Hoover HighDanielle01-350   School for the past 17 years, and has been working closely with School Video News (SVN) for the past two years.

“The reason we are at OETC is that we are offering videos that cover the three days, interviews, and scripted shows that are used for promotional use,” Wilson said. “What I love is that it takes what our students do in a month and condenses it down to three days. Students get to experience what a real work day is like; working 8-10 hours a day without a bell.”

Hoover Senior, Abby Grisez, plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and traveled to Columbus for the first time this year.

“The convention was full of new technology for teachers such as robots for the classroom and even new apps. There were also many workshops that educators and even we could attend,” Grisez said.
From live video games to flying droids, OETC showcased not just inventors’ talents, but those of the Hoover Crew as well.

“I loved getting the real world experience, it was super high paced and made me fall in love with broadcast even more,” Grisez added.

Some of the obstacles met at OETC are not far from those faced in the real world: deadlines, and long hours. Although it was a break from the routine school day, the diligence shown by the staff proved their work ethic.

Senior Rachel Topper has her own show for channel 11 news called, In The Spotlight, and says the exposure at this conference has helped tremendously with her interview skills and time management.

“I interacted with the public a lot at OETC. It made me comfortable talking to so many interesting people I wasn’t familiar with,” Topper said. “Although the deadlines were crazy and super short, I know I benefitted from it because it made me work under pressure, and I know situations like this will come up in the very near future.”

OETCPlayer-500 To see all the programming created by the Hoover crew, click the screen. Enjoy

Performances were recognized on and off the camera by attendees throughout the week. Senior Cole Bellinger, a Video Productions Editor on staff, was amazed at how many people saw Hoover’s TV 11 News as one of the greatest models for high school broadcast and video production programs.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we had one of the top programs in the country, I got so many compliments about it at the conference,” Bellinger said.

Just because this years convention quickly began and came to an end, does not mean Wilson or the students are finished with their hard work.

“As a program we’ve done a great job helping our students succeed in their future jobs whether it is video productions/broadcast related, or not,” Wilson said. “In the future we plan to find more opportunities like OETC, to be able to put our students' skills to the test.”

North Canton TV11 news will continue to be a model for other broadcast programs, and OETC will continue to uphold the reputation of bringing in innovative ideas to make schools a better place to learn.

Danielle Huff currently a high school senior at Hoover High School involved in the TV 11 news and The Viking Views. She actively participates in Student Leadership, Fellowship of Christian Students, and High School and Club soccer. Danielle plans to attend Belmont Abbey College of North Carolina to pursue her soccer career and get a degree in Early Childhood Education.