Lexie Tauben at JEAThe thrill of interviewing or working behind the camera attracts many of today’s youth.   This November, students gathered from around the country to attend the JEA convention in St. Louis, MO.   The young journalists are fighting their way though videos, articles, and interviews to pursue their journalistic dream.  So many dreams and not enough room for everyone?  This is not the case for these rising reporters.  A world where they can show their work and talent freely does exist, as we know it, SchoolTube.    

The behind the scenes aspect is confusing, and a real challenge to grasp.  I can look back and remember thinking, “That goes where? Hit that switch, when?”  The simple tasks of flipping a switch or adjusting a camera angle only triggered the steps into becoming a broadcast journalist.  Allowing myself and other Ladue students to work as the production staff not only gave me a great social experience, but a push that leads me into my future of lights, camera, and action.     Ladue High School student crew

Our Ladue group of hopeful students became the production crew for SchoolTube.  My scene during the convention started with setting up the studio.  The green screen, cables, cameras, the whole nine yards.  The complex system of setting up was broken down for me, into pieces that I could comprehend.  They gave me the hands on lesson of what to do and how to do it.  SchoolTube also granted us with their trust to record other student’s thoughts on the life of journalism, and the convention.  Most people were intrigued by the knowledge presented to them, and the social aspect of the convention. 

SchoolTube sent out groups, to complete different tasks, that they needed to have produced.  I was sent out into the wild jungle of young dreamers, with only a camera, microphone, and a fellow companion.  At first the whole idea of going up to a total stranger, and asking them personal questions, didn’t settle so well.  Though, I didn’t really have a choice, asking strangers their thoughts and opinions, became somewhat natural after hours and hours of doing it.  Breaking out of my comfort zone was surprisingly fun!  I had a great time getting to know my classmates better and developing my skills of being on a production team.            

SchoolTube has opened the doors for many that give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams.  In my hometown of St. Louis, they gave me, along with my fellow classmates, the chance to broaden our knowledge in the world of broadcast journalism.

Lexie Tauben is a sophomore journalism student at Ladue Horton High School.