More than five thousand educational professionals from each county in Ohio, along with neighboring states traveled to Columbus for the Ohio Educational Technical Conference [OETC].

The purpose of the conference is to promote technology use to teachers and administrators. This year, another group experienced OETC. For this three day event, eight seniors from the broadcast journalism and video productions classes of North Canton Hoover High School traveled to Columbus.

Video Productions teacher, Mr. Tom Wilson, has been involved with the conference since 2005. This year, he was contacted to invite his students to run the official broadcast center for OETC on behalf of School Video News [SVN]. The conference covered three days of stressful, yet exciting broadcasts streamed live via This way, educators, attendees, friends and family could see the products of the students’ hard work at the conference from their own computer screen or mobile device.

“Ohio has been very active in building student video programs, and Hoover High is looked at as an educational model because of our student success rate,” Wilson said.

KatyExecutive Producer Katy Campanaro calling the count at last years OETCHoover senior Katy Campanaro, who served as the Executive Producer for Hoover’s staff, said the conference represented a real-world application of broadcast journalism and video productions. “We, as seniors in high school, along with our two teachers created, produced, and were the talent for a 20 minute plus broadcast,” she said. “It was really stressful, but also incredibly fun.”

Four newscasts over the three day period were filled with packages, interviews, and voice overs that were produced by the staff in less than a day, sometimes in less than an hour.

“Our final newscast encompassed everything we had done over the conference and was around the length of a nightly news show,” Campanaro said.

OETC called for students to be able to conduct interviews with keynote speakers, vendors and people simply checking out the conference.

“The one woman I interviewed created her own company and was speaking at three different sessions in two days,” Campanaro said. “It was great to meet so many people with such interesting things to share.”

While all four newscasts covered events at the conference, students were forced to make contact with situations similar to that of the real world.

“From introducing yourself, being proactive and assertive, to making decisions, it was something totally different to being in school and being a student,” Campanaro said.
Senior Brittany Rimmel, OETC anchor for Hoover, agreed. “Broadcast, in general, has taught me so much from how to interact with people and to be prepared for anything,” sheOETCAnchorsOETC Anchors Sally Smith (L) and Brittany Rimmel said. “The conference helped me to utilize those skills.”

Rimmel felt a difficult part of the conference was the high pace deadlines. “At Hoover, we have about a week to get work done where at the conference we had to get the same amount of work (if not more) done in a few hours,” she said.

Hoover Video Productions student, senior Alex Bodenschatz, served as an Editor on staff, and felt OETC boosted his confidence as an editor and a student. “The hardest part of OETC was making sure all of the stories for the news were edited on time and looking professional,” he said.

Wilson took interest in the idea of live TV for Hoover’s program. “Our current schedule does not allow for us to ‘go live’ very often, but we will be looking further into this as an option for some of our future projects,” he said.

Though it was a tiring process, the staff successfully produced all four shows in the three days at the conference. “The experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I think that I have a better view of what it will be like in the professional world,” Campanaro said. “It still amazes me of all that we accomplished.”

CrewStanding: Brittany Rimmel, Sally Smith, McKayla Morris, Katy Campanaro, Mikenna Donze Kneeling: Alex Bodenschatz and Dan Aguirre Missing: Maddie Zoldan

Wilson agreed that the students produced amazing, live broadcasts. “OETC provided an opportunity for students to apply the skills they use in our program in an intense pressure-cooker environment that simulated what they might experience if working for a network television station,” he said.

Campanaro advises that students next year should understand the importance of being flexible and willing to roll with the punches. “I went into OETC thinking, ‘This is going to be a great learning experience,’ but what I got was something more than that,” she said. “SVN and OETC provided each of us with the opportunity to learn and grow and that is something that is priceless.”

Tyler Murphy is a senior at Hoover High school. He is involved with the school Newspaper, The Viking Views, and his MurphyBioPicschool’s broadcast class, HVTV News. Aside from academics, he participates in cross country, theater and Leadership Interact Club. Next year, Tyler plans to attend Ohio University at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism for Strategic Communication.