What makes me roar? I didn’t know I had this voice inside of me until I took the TV Multimedia class at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center (CTC).

It all began with a question and a contest. Little did I know that when the team entered the Good Morning America Roar with Katy Perry Contest that we’d actually stand a chance.

To start, we gathered a team; story boarded and listened to the song. In short, we prepared. Filming was the most rewarding part of the whole process. We discussed the locations and decided we ROARPicwere going to make this video the best that it could be. Eventually we all came to a mutual decision that we wanted to do a video that showed the melding together of four girls from different backgrounds, just like we had in real life. In actuality, we’re all from different schools and different communities. I’m a student at Tuscarora High School, Maria is from Middletown High School, Emma is from Oakdale High School, Gabriella is from Urbana High School and Garrison is from Frederick High School all located in Frederick, Maryland. We all came together at CTC because we all had a similar interest in television and multimedia production. With tripod and Go-Pro in hand, we headed out to the Great Frederick Fair, Baker Park, Carol Creek and the Spring-Ridge Woods. At first we were shy and uncomfortable with singing in front of each other but laughter and giggles diffused the tension and opened the window to our moving forward. After just three days of filming, two days of editing and days of collaborative effort we were ready to submit our video. I filled out the required paperwork, hit the send button and exhaled a sigh of relief.

In the image: Back row: Garrison Irwin, Gabriella Punturiero
Middle row: Allison Kitaguchi, Juan Sanchez
Front row: Emma Franceschina, Maria Olney

Imagine our surprise when the very next day our class began with a video clip from Good Morning America. In my mind I wondered why our teacher, Mr. Frank, was showing us this. “There’s no way they’re going to show our video. There’s no way. We submitted it yesterday.” But to my absolute shock, we appeared on the screen. Gabriella was singing the final lines of the song. Gabriella was on Good Morning America. Our video was featured on Good Morning America!

It’s hard to believe that in just five weeks we have accomplished this much. At the time of our entry, we’d only been in the class for a few short weeks. Every day I look forward to coming to CTC because I know that I’m going to learn career skills and do it in an environment that I’m comfortable with. I’ve found my voice. Hear me roar.

Link to GMA - http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/katy-perrys-roar-lip-dub-video-viral-20394853
The Video - http://www.svntv.com/media-gallery/827-roar-music-video-fan-video


ROARAllisonAllison Kitaguchi is an 11th grade student at Tuscarora High School in Frederick, Maryland.  She is in her first year of TV/Multimedia Production at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center and is striving to be a video producer.