When you can create your own story, your own characters, your own angles, to portray to your audience

and see the reactions on their faces from what you’ve made out of your own hands; when you film a perfect shot with the lens flare livening up your b-roll and the fact that the depth of field is so sweet it gives you chills; when you get a wide angle of an establishing shot and everything is in focus consisting with the right amount of contrast along with a natural stabilizer; when the story line or your voice over gives you a feeling of accomplishment and even a sudden moment when the hair on the back of your neck stands because what you wanted to give to the audience, you’ve also given yourself; when your audio track emphasizes and coherently exemplifies your whole film and every cut, every frame is aligned perfectly making the cross fades and jump cuts seem to flow so smoothly; when you have all these software programs open to improve this one clip or this one video project and you won’t stop editing because every little part has to be absolutely perfect; when you finish rendering and uploading you finally play it back for others to see - then and only then will others see the beauty of cinematography and video production.


I picked up my first DSLR when I was a freshman. Photography was the main goal, but film was a by-product that eventually grew to another caliber. I filmed because I wanted to capture a moment - every second that passes by, we will never see again, unless you have exceptional memory. I brought my camera everywhere because I wanted to create my own angles, my own videos. Eventually my talent for editing and filming fed into my youth group’s causes. I made their promos, commercials for workshops, and was even chosen to be in the National Visuals Team for the annual conference. Let’s just say that I love everything that has to do with a camera.

Sad to say, I only found the world of BPA my senior year. It might be a blessing in disguise; since I already have knowledge and background of film, I wasn’t so taken aback by the whole organization or even the free software. “Booyah.” The road to SLC was a surprise from the beginning. Two of my teammates who were in the actual digital media class invited my friend and I to be a part of the video production team. At first everything was moving so sluggishly not because we were lazy, but because we possessed numerous ideas that we couldn’t get them all down to concrete plans/films. Once our interview was filmed, we had a renewed sense of what our group was going to do, why this topic was placed in our hands.

Turning the X in RX to make a positive impact became much more than just a prompt for our team. Our story revolves Angela Kilgore, a mother, friend, and a great person. She is the head of our Bible study group and she is the definition of a great person. She struggled with prescription drug abuse starting from her teenage years and this addiction kicked in, as she got older. As she trusted her family, her God, and her friends, she recovered from this and lives as a faithful and wonderful woman. We wanted to pursue this idea that this drug abuse could happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter who they are or their age.

With four minds working at a story line we accomplished what we know is more than project for us. It became something that wasn’t tangible. The feeling that we get when we know that at least one person who will watch our video will “get it”- will get our message is truly worth working all these hours for. For four of us were never in the same class and communication was a huge aspect of our teamwork. All the late nights we spent in our BPA room to catch up on editing, the countless hours we took to get everything ready including judges gifts, extra footage, our presentation, and the fact that we lived off of one external hard drive that was passed around various times all contributed to the definition of hard work for us. Having to redo green screen editing, filming for a second interview, and keying every frame to the exact color were the extra steps to get to the small details. Working within a team of four people – four guys – we all butted heads at certain points, even with our outfits. Everything went according to plan, as our final project became our prized possession, our “baby”.

My passion for cinematography and video production pours from my creativity and my desire to make connections with other people, not necessarily just by competitions but also by our words and frames in our videos. My beautiful Nikon D600 can attest to that.

roaldRoald Credo is a senior at John Horn High School.18 years old, born and raised in the Philippines. He is a twin and participates in Band, A cappella, Encore show choir, Musical Theatre, BPA, Mentorship, Senior Leaders, Campus News, and Future HealthCare Professionals. His hobbies are video production/photography, singing/playing his saxophone, and updating his closet with urban wear, class, and shoes. He's a sneakerhead and understands both knowledge on and off street. He is attending Texas Tech University in the fall and hopes to major in biology and minor in video production. Roald hopes to go to medical school and become a doctor.