You know when you watch videos on YouTube that look very professional because of the dramatic lighting?

Well I got an idea from a Bescor led light that my school purchased, and tried the effect where the whole room stays dark and the subject gets lit up, and it worked!Jordan01

Tip #1: Know your audience. Before starting any video, you want to know what group you are trying to impress. Make sure that your video is going to grab the attention of your viewers by incorporating their interests in your video. Once you have the interest, you can use the led lighting to add the effect to the video. My video was for a school assembly, titled Talk About It, to give students the opportunity to send anonymous text messages to a teacher for help. It was directed towards teenagers, so I used texting and computers to attract their attention, while using the light to add a dramatic effect to the video to make my audience more interested.

Tip #2: Get the Led Light effect. Once you know what the main focus of your video is, you can begin adjusting the lighting. Some angles work better than others, so keep adjusting until you get the perfect lighting. You want to have one focus on the screen to be clear so you can see what your talent is typing and then the rest of the picture to have a more dramatic effect. Try different positions and angles with the light, so you can see what different affects you can have. The light doesn’t get hot, so you can place it right on the ground or carpet and not have to worry about it burning anything. This way you don’t have to place the light directly on your talent’s face washing them out. Or, if you would like it closer to the talent, you can place it as close to the talent as you want, and it have to worry about sweat beads on the talent’s forehead. Due to the fact that the lights don’t get hot, you can buy colored gel covers to place over the light to add a tint of blue or green if you would like. Make sure the font is big enough and there is no glare on the screen so that your audience can read it. The harder it is to read, the more frustrated your audience gets watching. You want the audience to be able to have a perfect view of what is being typed, but everything else in the room to be dark so it adds more drama to the screen, so you give the audience the right feeling. That is why you make the camera is placed at the right angle, so the light gives off that effect.

Jordan03Led lighting can be used for any type of video, on location and run off battery, to add that perfect light affect that you want your video to have. Each angle sets off a different light for your audience to see, so don’t pick the first position and think it is the right one. Try as many different ones as possible, and then pick one from there. Led lights are very light weight, easy to carry, and cheaper than studio lighting! This light the school purchased was only about $100.00!

JordanWorkingJordan Rice is a Senior in High School in upstate New York. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a member of Cortland County Youth Leadership, Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, part of the Rotary Youth Leadership, a member of drama club where she acts in school plays, and treasurer of French club.

She is Editor of her school’s district newspaper The Lion's Roar sent to 1,900 readers. Jordan has been published in 2011 and 2012 in the Syracuse Post Standard for Student Voices. Some School Video News blogs include stories with the New York Giants, Orange County Choppers, Ironman 70.3, and Courtside to Get the Shot at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Jordan hopes to attend college to pursue a career in sports journalism.