August 27th saw the beginning of a new school year in Frederick County, and apparently, a new level of competition within the halls of the Career and Technology Center. On the very first day, we learned that a PSA we’d submitted towards the end of the previous school year had actually won first place! Even more good news: a duo our class sent to compete nationally at SkillsUSA came eighth in Video Production. Not too shabby for a national competition!

Of course, with a class like TV/Multimedia Production, we have to hit the ground running: within the first few days, we were brushing up on our interviewing skills (correct audio, proper head and nose room, etc.) in order to participate in Great Frederick Fair MediaCore 2012. In short, MediaCore is a great opportunity offered to Frederick County students through the Frederick News Post. The point? You, as a student with your freshly honed skills, are assigned to cover a day at the Great Frederick Fair and make a news segment highlighting three different stories from your given day.

“This was the 7th year of participating in the Frederick County Media Core and it was the biggest yet. Multiple teams competed each day and I was very impressed at the skill level the students came with,” said Mr. Frank, TV/Multimedia Instructor at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center.

Imagine handing a group of students an HD camera, a microphone, a 16G SD card and then telling them, “Have fun!” We were truly thrown into the real world arena of filming, editing, and producing a news story for an audience. And let me tell you, that was no easy feat. Last year, I attended MediaCore for Print Journalism and we had a limit of five hours --- definitely an eye-opener, to say the least.

“We have worked the local newspaper to try and give the students a real world experience with strict deadlines and specifications. I am impressed at the maturity and motivations the students bring each year, said Susan Summers, Head of Great Frederick Fair MediaCore.

It’s crazy to think that October just started, yet we’ve already done so much with the school year. And we’ve still got more to come, with the Frederick 72 Hour Film Festival, the local SkillsUSA competition and upcoming in-class projects. To be continued…

CarmSaimbreCarm Saimbre is a a senior at Governor Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, Maryland.  SHe also attends the Frederick County Career and Technology Center, where she is a second year student of the TV/Multimedia Production program and active member of SkillsUSA, a national organization dedicated to developing students’ skills for the workforce and beyond. After graduating, Carm plans to attend a four-year college where she will pursue Journalism as her major.