Mel00I had never been to New York City up until a month ago. I can’t say I had the opportunity to go before either.

When the trip came up, I jumped at the chance to go. I learned a lot about journalism, writing, and most importantly my overall perspective on bustling, slightly chaotic, city dwelling. Not only is NYC the place to be for broadcast, it’s become a world icon, and getting to walk down the same streets as countless actors and journalists (Katie Couric and Natlie Morales —my faves!) is such a treat. A few articles back I mentioned what to do if you find yourself inspiration-less. I mentioned going on a trip. New York was my trip.Mel02

I found myself running in Central Park with a friend one of our last mornings before anyone else had woken up in the hostile. As we were running down empty streets, it seemed as everyone had pulled the plug to a city that never sleeps. When we hit central park, it seemed that everyone had drifted away from their homes and moved to Central Park. I thought this was the most iconic, beautiful way to wake myself up in the morning. My mind gets a little crazy when I start running, but stories started brewing in my head. Something about seeing each individual, and wondering what gems of stories they were hiding behind sweaty, jogging faces, made me go insane. This has led me to my most recent projects.

Mel01When I get back to Columbus for the fall semester, I’m beginning my newest documentary project. When I initially met my one friend, I had no idea the amazing story he had. Once I found out a little bit, I began to ask questions. The right questions. When trying to make someone feel comfortable when asking questions it should always be conversational. I dug deep, and now not only got really close to him, but have made him feel comfortable sharing some of those details in front of the camera.

The second evening we had settled in, it was obvious my friends and I HAD to go China town. I personally loved the “actual China town.” I loved looking at thMel04e roots, fish, and other assorted raw foods. That didn’t last for long as my friends wanted to shop! The entire time I was taking pictures with my cheapy digital, wishing I had a video camera. Something about video is so sensory, and the colors of this area of town are phenomenal.

Of all the enjoyment I experienced during the trip, and all the places I got to go, when we made our trip out to Queens, I was filled head to toe with passion and excitement. We arrived early in the day to the Museum of the Moving image. I have a slight fetish for museums, but this was outright amazing. (Almost as amazing as the amount of Starbucks that lined downtown.) There was everything from an old Nickelodeon to the first color television camera. Because I can’t explain everything, I figured it would best to show you.

Mel03Melissa Prax is currently a student at The Ohio State University majoring in human nutrition and globalization studies. As an editor and promotional video producer for the honors and scholars program at OSU, she is continuing to do what she loves in and out of the class room. Her experience and first taste in writing and editing goes back to her high school Interactive Multimedia class. Now she is also a member of the crew and talent for Buckeye TV, Ohio State's student television station.